The Ukrainian “NewsOne” TV Channel Condemned Kiev’s Attempts to Turn SS “Galicia” Soldiers into National Heroes

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine an attempt is being made to turn Hitler’s helpers into national heroes, to impose false history on the people, and to divide society so that it can be governed more simply.

Such an opinion was shared on the air of the NewsOne TV channel [owned by Evgeny Murayev – ed] by the host – the human rights activist Maksim Goldarb.

“The deception that it is that those who put on a nazi uniform – a SS uniform; who became members of the Nachtigall and SS ‘Galicia’ divisions; who served the nazis in the auxiliary police and killed people, performing even that work that SS soldiers couldn’t, and carried it out with pleasure, is a big delusion…

And so, these people are not Ukrainian heroes.

This is some monstrous mistake that they try to inject in all of us as the truth!

The world recognised the SS as a criminal organisation whose activity was directed against mankind and humanity, and it doesn’t matter what color their greatcoat featuring SS insignia is.

Unfortunately, these Hauptsturmführer and others are being turned into national heroes, streets of the cities of Ukraine are being named after them.

There is such a feeling that, in reality, in Ukraine there wasn’t any real heroes, there wasn’t those who liberated the country, there wasn’t those who didn’t change their greatcoat, there wasn’t those who didn’t kill the civilian population, there wasn’t those who put their life into the fight for the cleansing of Ukraine of the brown plague.

Attempts are constantly made to try to present to us some mythology that local SS soldiers and auxiliary policemen were guided by certain high feelings for the Motherland and so on. You just saw the statistics – 10 million killed [during WW2 in Ukraine – ed]. A huge number of them were killed by the hands of these helpers of Nazism.

Why aren’t we shown the real Ukrainian heroes? I think that the answer lies in today’s strategy of the authorities under the name ‘divide and conquer’. The more divided society is, the better it is for the authorities, and the less attention society pays to its tricks,” said the host.

The veteran of the Great Patriotic War Efim Zlotnik who was in the studio also gave a brief description of the Ukrainian who he happened to meet personally.

“I saw these Banderists. There were also deserters, people of any nationality. Western Ukrainians were so patriotic towards the West and considered that it is they who nearly won. What is UPA? Actual bandits, they were called ‘forest brothers‘, and they called themselves this too,” said the veteran.

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