The Ukrainian Radical Accused of Murdering Oles Buzina Was Elected to a State “Anti-Corruption” Bureau

Andrey Medvedko, the member of ultra-right group “C14” who is accused of murdering the writer and journalist Oles Buzina, was elected as a member of the Public Control Council of the National Anti-corruption Bureau. He reported about this on his Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, wrote posts, and supported me today. It is incredible! I won, I passed into the Public Control Council of NABU. Possibly, in first place. Once again thanks to everyone! I won’t fail!

It should be noted that now the Public Control Council of NABU already consists of representatives of the far-right public, including the leader of “C14” Evgeny Karas, and active supporters of the former president Petro Poroshenko who are registered in several public organisations, in fact, are affiliated among themselves.

Andrey Medvedko

They were included in the specified council following the results of internet voting held on May 30th, the full results of which were published directly on NABU’s website. It follows from them that voting via the same e-mail addresses for the same candidates then took place in droves – about 1,800 votes from 6,100 were given in such a way that confirms the strong falsification of results and their basic distortion.

Timofey Bespyatov

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