The Ukrainian Singer Ruslana Was Shocked by the Consequences of the Very Maidan She Supported

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nikolay Azarov


I recommend that you watch this video in which the ardent adherent of Maidan, the singer Ruslana was surprised by the illegal and uncontrolled deforestation in Ukraine.

When she jumped on Maidan, she obviously didn’t think about the consequences of her jumping.

And the main results of the coup d’etat supported by her are chaos, the absence of control, and impunity that influences all spheres of the activity of Ukrainian society.

Nobody knows how many trees have actually been fell in the country, and illegal cutting is carried out practically in all regions of Ukraine.

And, once again, the Kiev regime doesn’t think about the consequences, since they are timeservers who worry more about stuffing their own pockets and hoping that there is an environmental disaster because of uncontrolled deforestation after they leave office.

From the point of view of an environmental disaster, it has already happened, because any flood in the mountainous areas of Ukraine always leads to catastrophic consequences. In the future these consequences will be more tragic.

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