The Ukrainian State Film Agency Wants to Make a Movie That Glorifies Stepan Bandera

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian State Film Agency is ready to finance the creation of a movie about the leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists Stepan Bandera. This was reported by the head of the agency Filipp Ilyenko on the air of “ObozTV”, commenting on the 110th anniversary since the birth of the ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism.

“Right now no films about Stepan Bandera are being produced, but I do not exclude that in the future the relevant project will be submitted to the State Film Agency or other institutions that provide state funding for the production of movies via competitive selection. If it is worthy from an artistic and creative point of view, then I am sure that it will be supported”

said Ilyenko

“In order to hint to Ukrainian cinematographers that they can consider such a topic and figure, I have a portrait of Stepan Bandera in my office. We take a photo in front of it when we sign new contracts for the creation of movies”

said the head of the State Film Agency

According to Ilyenko, Ukrainian cinematographers already filmed several films about nationalists.

“The movie about UPA titled ‘Chervony’ appeared one and a half years ago, ‘Chervony-2’ is being filmed now. In the spring there will be the film ‘Eks’ created by Sergey Lysenko, which is about the fighters of the Ukrainian Military Organisation, where the Organisation of the Ukrainian Nationalists came from. There is the film about Stepan Bandera ‘Assasination. An Autumn Murder in Munich’ directed by Oles Yanchuk. 20 years have passes since so it is possible to return to the topic”

noted the head of the State Film Agency

“It is impossible to capture all persons and figures during the first 2-3 years of mass production of Ukrainian movies, but I am sure that the creation of a biopic about Stepan Bandera in the near future is feasible”

added the official

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