The UN Confirmed That the UAF Terrorised the Residents of Ilovaisk in 2014

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As of this moment 13 cases of Ukrainian militants harshly treating civilians in Ilovaisk and its vicinities in 2014 have been documented.

This was stated by the chairwoman of the UN Monitoring Mission for human rights in Ukraine Fiona Frazer during a thematic report on events in Ilovaisk in the summer of 2014.

“The UN Mission on human rights has documented the murders of four civilians in Ilovaisk. Two of these murders were committed by Ukrainian battalions when the victims were in custody. Two were killed in their houses, but it is impossible to say unambiguously by who. A fifth civilian died from gunfire while being in the custody of Ukrainian battalions.

As of this moment 13 cases of civilians being subjected to torture and ill treatment by Ukrainian battalions in Ilovaisk and nearby villages have been documented. Men aged from 30 to 66 are suspected of being members of armed groups, or being connected to them.

Most of the victims were kept under guard in the building of the Ilovaisk school when it was controlled by the voluntary ‘Donbas’ battalion [a UAF punisher unit not related to Donbass in anyway – ed]. The victims were held in a small metal closet with holes for ventilation, but it was hot, stuffy, and completely dark in there all the same. These conditions characterise ill treatment. In additions, the victims were beaten,” said Frazer.

At the end of the briefing Ukrainian journalists asked for an explanation as to why only the Ukrainian side is accused of commiting crimes against civilians.

“When you will examine this in more detail, you will see that we have documented the facts of human rights violations, which we recorded and linked to participants of armed groups. Ukrainian volunteers and military personnel who were kept under guard were subjected to ill treatment. You can become acquainted with this in the report,” answered the chairwoman.

“You remembered about military personnel and volunteers, what about civilians?” specified Ukrainian journalists.

“Our report is concentrated on violations of civil rights. When you study the report you will see what sides we accuse of violating international law and human rights,” said Fiona Frazer in response.

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