The US Ambassador to Poland Tried to Lecture Putin, But Only Embarrassed Herself

The US ambassador pointed out to Putin the culprits of the outbreak of World War II – and was immediately caught out being ignorant of history.

The American ambassador to Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher, stated that Hitler and Stalin had reached an agreement to start World War II, and Poland was their victim. Thus, the US diplomat tried to answer the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recalled the promises of Polish Ambassador Józef Lipski to erect a monument in the capital of Poland if he “solved the Jewish issue” in Europe.

Mosbacher wrote on Twitter…

…and was immediately mocked by social media users.

One of the first to react was the Russian Embassy in Poland. Diplomats expressed doubts about the historical education of the US Ambassador.

“Well done, ambassador, sit down, grade D in history,” said one social network user.

“Mosbacher rummages through history the same way her last name sounds,” added another user.

“Joint photographs of Hitler and President Pilsudski of Poland – seen, Hitler and the Premier of Britain Chamberlain – seen, Hitler and the Premier of France Daladier – seen too. Help find a joint photo of Hitler and Stalin, since the Poles claim that it was the USSR that attacked them,” ironically commented a Twitter user..

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As a reminder, Nazi Germany suddenly attacked the USSR in the early morning of June 22nd 1941. This is how the Great Patriotic War began. Talking about some treaty between Hitler and Stalin, who didn’t even meet each other in person, to launch a war is ridiculous. But the fierce approval of the plans of the head of the Third Reich by the Polish ambassador, who later escaped to live in the United States, remained in written documents. Like the partition of Czechoslovakia, which occurred with the tacit consent of European “allies”.

Vladimir Kondratyev

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