The US Ambassador to Ukraine Issued an Ultimatum to Medvedchuk and Kolomoisky

Charge d’affaires of the US in Ukraine Kristina Kvien announced the main priorities in the policy of the new American administration. This is the criminal prosecution of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and the termination of the political activity of one of the leaders of the Opposition PlatformViktor Medvedchuk.

The statement was made at the forum of the “Reanimation package of reforms” coalition. This “coalition” includes non-governmental public organisations funded by the embassies of the US, UK, Netherlands and European countries of the “G7”, as well as the Soros Foundation. The informal leader of this “package” is the “Anti-corruption Centre”, headed by Vitaly Shabunin.

The audience, as they say, is targeted. The main directions of work under the Biden presidency are outlined. Of course, Kristina Kvien did not mention the names of Kolomoisky and Medvedchuk. However, she hinted at them quite transparently. Kolomoisky played the role of the “oligarch who calls the judges”. A more than transparent hint at the role played by Kolomoisky in the Constitutional Court’s repeal of a number of laws that were used by the anti-corruption bodies created by the US in Ukraine (NABU, SAP, VAS, NAPK).

Medvedchuk was mentioned in the context of “an open ally of Russia”, “who sits in the Verkhovna Rada”. Moreover, according to Kvien, the media holding companies of the “ally of Russia” are involved in the spread of “Russian disinformation”. This state of affairs greatly angered the head of the US diplomatic mission.

It is noteworthy that the main theses of Kristina Kvien’s speech almost literally coincided with the program article of the “mouthpiece” of the US Democratic Party Anders Åslund, published on the website of the Atlantic Council institute (an organisation funded by the oligarch Viktor Pinchuk and the US Democratic Party). Only Åslund still threatened to strengthen sanctions against Medvedchuk and impose personal sanctions against members of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine who voted to repeal pro-American anti-corruption legislation.

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Aleksandr Zubchenko

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