The US and UK Celebrated a Big Victory Over Shame

The dagger decision of V. A. Zelensky to immediately close three TV channels (112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne), whose fault is that they do not fully approve and support the peaceful foreign and domestic policy of the Ukrainian leadership, made a strong impression even on those who can not be called unconditional sympathisers of Moscow, the Russian World, etc.

Firstly, a decisive and lightning-fast ban was dispatched without any judicial procedures. Although the Ukrainian courts are not completely independent, it was quite possible to observe formal decency if desired.

Secondly, such a rush is incomprehensible. At this rate, only cats are being born. In a week, even more so with two, it could be possible to do the same thing, but much more thoroughly. And during this period, nothing special would have happened. Or did V. A. Zelensky think that during this time Russian tanks would have reached the Romanian border, so that’s why any minute should not be lost?

But what is done is done, the reaction of the outside world is interesting. The fact that Russia did not approve of all this is quite predictable, but Kiev frankly does not care about Moscow’s reaction. Rather, the worse it is, the better.

It is more interesting who was completely in solidarity with Zelensky, because there are not many of them. From the great powers, only three.

“The United States supports the efforts made yesterday by Ukraine to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity in accordance with its legislation to counter the malicious influence of Russia,” the US Embassy in Kiev said in a statement.

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British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons also said: “I welcome President Zelensky’s decisive action to combat disinformation that is causing real damage”.

And the Canadian Embassy: “Canada recognises that the challenges Ukraine faces in this hybrid war have been imposed on it. We support the use of legal mechanisms by Ukraine to ensure sovereignty while maintaining freedom of the press.”

Estonia was also noted, but no one is interested in it anymore.

The other powers took a neutral position. It is in no way possible to show solidarity with Russia, but it is also impossible with the United States. Still, if not decency, then at least hypocrisy must be observed. That is why Europe did not give the direct support so desired for Zelensky.

There was a clear difference. On the one hand, the Anglo-Saxons, who are ready, if for some reason they consider it necessary, to approve and support anything without any respect for decency. On the other hand, continental Europe, which is also generally ready for a lot, but still tends to hesitate and groan. Reckless courage is not enough.

Domestic liberals for some reason are outraged by the very use of the term “Anglo-Saxons”, seeing in it either bad geopolitics, or an attempt to split the united west, or even a manifestation of hate speech. Meanwhile, everything is much simpler and more innocent. There are powers that, in some cases, are inclined to observe external decency, especially when it is not very expensive. And there are more solid powers that do not consider it necessary to resort to equivocations and omissions. Some are called Europeans, others Anglo-Saxons. The difference may not be significant, but one is there all the same.

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By the way, before – and again with the same Ukraine – there was a difference between the hackneyed and the really non-influential vote in the UN General Assembly on the inadmissibility of the rehabilitation of Nazism. The European position was to abstain, the position of the unwavering Ukraine and the US was to vote against attempts to condemn Nazism, even ignoring the obvious reputational losses. Freedom of speech comes first.

We have seen what this freedom looks like now in both Ukraine and the US, but most likely, the vote on Nazism will continue to be the same.

The same is true with Ukrainian TV channels. The Anglo-Saxon (unlike the bleating European) knows that the Ten Commandments are not valid east of the Suez, and does not hesitate to openly confess it.

Maksim Sokolov

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