The US and UK Have Started Building NATO Naval Bases in Ukraine

After meeting with the head of British intelligence MI6, Richard Moore, Zelensky said that he was creating “a Ukrainian army capable of protecting Ukraine on land, on water, in the air and in cyberspace”. According to the information we have received, this plan began with the construction of naval bases – under the guidance and strict control of the American and British military.

Zelensky talked a lot about the “newest samples of weapons”, including the “Obolon-A” artillery battalion control system, “Bars” mortar system, “Olkha-M” missile system, “Tayfun” jet-propelled projectile, as well as the “Neptun” anti-ship missiles and “Kentavr” landing boats.

Yes, the ongoing modernisation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is evident. Although projects that require significant funding and a high material and technical base are frankly sagging, Ukraine is trying to keep up with modern trends in terms of, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles.

In particular, Ukrainian-made ACS-3 “Skaeton” reconnaissance drones with new Japanese-made injection engines are already being delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. These devices have good technical characteristics, in particular, the flight altitude is increased to 4500m. It is planned to use these drones in tandem with the Turkish “Bayraktar” TB2 attack drones.

But the main point of Zelensky’s speech was not to emphasise the real and imaginary successes of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. The purpose of the message was to disguise the real processes taking place behind the scenes of the Ukrainian military machine. From all his speech, only two points are worthy of attention.

The first is a phrase about the beginning of construction of two state-owned Ukrainian naval bases to protect the Black Sea region. This refers to the bases in the port of Ochakov in the Nikolaev region and in the port of Yuzhny, 30 kilometers east of Odessa.

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A week after Zelensky’s speech in parliament, British divers arrived in Ochakov, and American divers arrived in Yuzhny. 11 officials of the US Department of War worked at this port. Both in Ochakov and Yuzhny, the divers of the “partner countries” carefully examined the water area of the port and hydraulic structures.

It is interesting that Ukrainian “law enforcement” immediately began to fuss in the wake of the Americans. The SBU and the Interior Ministry immediately discovered and significantly covered up drug trafficking in the port worth tens of millions of dollars. I.e., for the sake of “foreign partners”, the most abundant cash flows that fed the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the region were covered up. Moreover, the investigators of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine have already found violations in tenders for more than 48 million hryvnias in the port. The port is clearly being cleared of business for subsequent transfer to the Americans.

As for Ochakov, 30 British soldiers examined not only the port itself, but also the surrounding area, including the airport and the Black Sea shipyard. The British plan to create a fully-fledged military base here. The attention of the British was attracted by the old Soviet facility on the island of Maysky, which, apparently, will be used by them as the main base point. They are ready to take on huge costs to create a fully-fledged military base in the region.

However, the Constitution of Ukraine prohibits foreign bases on its territory. But so what? In order not to conflict with the basic law, the bases will be called Ukrainian. In fact, these will be fully-fledged NATO bases. Where the Ukrainian military will clearly be shown their place. Somewhere on the outer perimeter.

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And here it is worth recalling the second important point in Zelensky’s speech. According to him, the “army” should protect Ukraine not only on water, on land and in the air, but also in cyberspace. There are no accidental reservations in such documents.

Indeed, Ukraine in the NATO scenario is not only a convenient training ground and a reconnaissance and sabotage military base against Russia, but also an important, if not the most important, element of the information war. There is no other state that is as close mentally and with the same language of communication.

Already in 2014, since the success of the coup in Ukraine, western specialists in information warfare have been working massively in this country. All centres of information and psychological special operations perform tasks set specifically by the American and British military. The British and the Balts are on the same page. Just a few days ago, the work of a group of military instructors of the Lithuanian Armed Forces at the Zhytomyr military institute concerning the organisation and conduct of psychological operations was completed. But these are particulars.

In general, the west is concerned about the Kremlin’s increasing informational influence on media policy in Ukraine. Therefore, the military base in Ochakov will create a whole department for the information fight against Russian influence, which will be supervised by the Americans and the British. This department will be launched in 2021 and will be fully funded by western partners.

In other words, the so-called military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO countries is moving to a new level right before our eyes. Of course, the former Soviet republic of Ukraine does not and will never become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. It just becomes a base for it. And the level of presence of the NATO military is moving from providing instructors for joint exercises, from consulting and directing special operations to the direct and permanent presence of significant contingents of NATO countries at their own bases on the borders with Russia. Officially under the guise of Ukrainian.

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And the country’s President, Vladimir Zelensky, clearly follows the commands of MI6. Himself remaining only a screen. A funny dummy on TV that Ukrainian voters watch.

Aleksey Selivanov

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