The US Army and Its Crimes Against Czech Citizens

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In May, 1945 most of the territory of Czechoslovakia had been liberated by Soviet troops, while the smaller part had been liberated by the US army. In 1953, in Prague, two Czech authors Karel Bartošek and Karel Pichlík published a book with a selection of caricature illustrations and documentary photographs, which were used to confirm their claim that American soldiers in the Western Czech Republic behaved like criminals, speculators, and sexual perverts towards the surrounding civilians.

I am not in a position to judge how everything was in reality and to what extent the words of the authors of this book are true (although, as everyone knows, there is no smoke without fire), so I am just proposing to look at the illustrations taken from this book.

  1. Czechs on the majority of the territories of their country greet the soldiers of the Soviet Army who liberated them with flowers. 
  2. At the same time, some drunken American soldiers thinks that it is permissible to open fire on civilians in the western regions of the Czech Republic. 
  3. American soldiers defend Nazi criminals. 
  4. The US military is attacking Czech citizens trying to defend their rights. 
  5. During a walk with an American General on the ruins of the Skoda plant they bombed, the American capitalist argues that now he will have fewer competitors. 
  6. A schematic map of the fact of the presence of American troops on the territory of West Bohemia in May 1945. 
  7. Illustrations from the book “Americans in West Bohemia in 1945” (Prague, 1953).

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