The US Has Gone From a Global Leader to a Global Thug

US President Donald Trump signed a decree on the exclusive right of the United States to develop the Moon’s resources. At the same time, Trump sent troops to New York City, where it was proposed to dump the corpses of people who died from coronavirus in common graves in city parks. For all the contrast of this news, they have a common denominator – thuggishness. The pandemic proved that the US is no longer a superpower. After realising this, Washington becomes even more aggressive and starts to “make America great again” by the methods of riff-raff.

America does not consider space to be the common heritage of mankind, according to the White House ruling. The United States invalidates the 1979 United Nations Agreement that the Moon of planet Earth belongs to all inhabitants of the planet, so “the Moon is not subject to national appropriation by declaration of sovereignty, use or occupation, or by any other means.”

Instead, Washington effectively proclaims the Moon to be the 51st state of the United States, in which Americans can put land in private ownership.
“Americans should have the right to conduct commercial exploration, extraction, and the use of resources in outer space in accordance with applicable legislation,” said Donald Trump’s decree. “The Secretary of State should therefore oppose any attempt by any other state or international organisation to treat the Moon Agreement as reflecting or otherwise expressing customary international law.”

The question is: is America now so powerful that it can appropriate the rest of the universe from humanity? The answer: no. On the contrary.

The attempt to acquire exclusive rights to Earth’s Moon comes amid the total discrediting of the US as a superpower due to the coronavirus pandemic.

America has firmly and definitively reached 1st place for the spread of COVID-19. As of April 7th, there are already 366,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and an increase of 30,000 cases per day. No will for sure catch up with America here, and the Americans with their mortality rate will soon overtake Italy and Spain by the number of corpses.

Before the eyes, the US loses the halo of a great power and ceases to be a model country, i.e., a country that sets an example for other countries to follow.

Who now wants to adopt the American health care system, which causes thousands of people to suffocate in their apartments, because treatment for pneumonia with insurance costs $38,000, and without insurance – $73,000? And who would consider a great country to be one where the New York authorities thought of digging common graves in city parks and burying the bodies of coronavirus deaths in them?

COVID-19 is a universal catalyst that, beyond anything else, has exposed the phenomenal defectiveness of both the institutions and people on Capitol Hill.

The institutes did not assess the danger of coronavirus in time, did not predict the scale of the pandemic, and did not provide the country with the necessary number of tests for coronavirus, masks, and ventilators.

In the context of the pandemic, politicians behave, by human standards, disgracefully. Donald Trump until mid-March called COVID-19 a common flu that should not be feared. Then he started saying that it is better to let people die than to shutdown the economy.

Trump’s likely Democratic presidential rival, former US Vice President Joe Biden, was simply a coward. He hid in a basement in Delaware and talks to the nation via Skype.

The unworthy behavior of American leaders is consistent with the equally unworthy behavior of their country in the world.

The US is appropriating medical supplies from Europeans, buying them from China at a higher price and taking them straight from planes already flying to Germany or France. The Germans call it 21st century piracy, but for the United States it is normal to take vital respirators away from NATO allies.

It is normal for Americans to buy coronavirus tests in the pandemic-ridden Italy and take them away by military planes over the ocean. It is normal to accept humanitarian aid from China and then bill it $6 trillion in compensation for economic losses from coronavirus.

Donald Trump calls the Kremlin and asks Vladimir Putin for help, and after Russian military aircraft landed in New York with “humanitarian aid”, the State Department says that Russia did not provide any assistance: the US simply bought artificial lung ventilation devices from it. Trump publicly thanks Russia for its “non-rendered” assistance, and a few days later reports about the preparation of new sanctions against Moscow in Washington and the search for new ways to block the construction of Nord Stream 2.

The United States has evolved from a global leader into a global thug who behaves according to the concepts of feeling permissiveness and, at the same time, factually like cowardly and weak riff-raff.

This thug will now become even more dangerous. It soiled itself with coronavirus in front of the world and feels that its global dominance is slipping away.

Therefore, such cute mischief as the presentation of exclusive rights to the Moon will still seem like flowers tomorrow, and only nuclear parity and Russian hypersonic weapons will be able to make America “become great again”.

Aleksandr Nosovich

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