The US Is Ruining the UN: It’s Time for the Organisation to Move Away From New York

The US continues to “bankrupt” the UN. In recent years, the “hegemon” faced competition at the organisation’s platforms and refused to perceive it adequately. Instead of entering into discussions with opponents and coming to a compromise (which is why the UN was created), the US decided to destroy the objectionable institution.

In reality, the UN heavily depends on Washington’s whims. The organisation is headquartered in New York City and nearly a quarter of its budget is formed by a contribution from the US. But through the efforts of American politicians, the United Nations faces a serious lack of funds. It came to the non-payment of salaries to employees and the saving of electricity on escalators and air conditioners.

The total budget deficit has already reached $230 million. An alarm was sent out to from all messengers all over the world, but those who want to help the organisation haven’t yet been found. Costs have to be cut. Escalators stopped for the guests of the headquarters, they have to climb the stairs. For diplomats, electricity is not yet being economised, but they will have to sweat in the offices because of the disabled air conditioners.

It is curious how Russia will react to the development of the situation. Our country will definitely not benefit if the UN closes. However, the US is unlikely to be forced to pay, Americans already have a deficit without it. Trump has already been forced to seriously cut the budget.

UN reform should be put on the agenda. The most important international organisation now demands greater respect for itself. A decrepit hegemon can no longer ensure the organisation, so it’s time to think about moving. Moscow or Beijing will be excellent for the new headquarters.

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Ilya Novitsky

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