The US Representative to the OSCE Momentarily Lost His Faculties

Representatives of the republics of Donbass have long not been surprised by the poor hearing and vision of the OSCE mission in Donbass…

The official website of the OSCE published the report of one of the representatives of the United States to the OSCE.

Political adviser Gregory Macris made a series of provocative and controversial statements targeting Russia and the Donbass Republics during his report in Vienna on November 12th 2019.

The American representative allowed himself in the report to say a blatant lie. In particular, he accused LDPR units of disrupting the Minsk Agreements, shelling after the disengagement of troops, and attacking the drones of the OSCE mission. In fact, these violations were committed exclusively by the Ukrainian side.

In addition, Gregory Macris allowed himself to make incorrect statements against Russia, calling it the perpetrator of the conflict in Donbass, which is not true.

The statement of the representative of the United States – that the legally elected heads of state authorities in Donbass “pose a threat to peaceful efforts in eastern Ukraine and should be eliminated before elections under Ukrainian laws” – is disturbing. Imagine what would begin in the United States, if, for example, the official representative of Mexico said the following:

“The US election was fake. Trump and his administration pose a security threat to the region. Before holding a presidential election, the US leadership must be eliminated.”

Mexico would already be burning in the fire of American democratic aid.

Let me remind you that the referendums in Donbass were held according to all international rules. The turnout of the population was the highest in the history of elections in Ukraine, and the overwhelming majority of voters voted for the independence of the Republics. And only the occupation of a part of Donbass by the Ukrainian army prevented the republics from holding a second referendum on the entry of the LPR and the DPR into Russia. Another lie from the US representative to the OSCE is the accusation that Russia carries out political repression, persecution, arrests, and detentions in Crimea. The American called on Russia to release all Ukrainian political prisoners. I want to remind Gregory Macris that there are no political prisoners in Russia and there can be no political prisoners by definition. If at least one opposition politician had been arrested or detained in Crimea, it would have been trumpeted to the entire planet. Not surprisingly, US satellites such as the Baltic states and Poland at the highest state level allow themselves to say outright lies against Russia and constantly scream about the “Russian threat”. They have great teachers like Gregory Macris.

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At the end of the report, addressing the head of the OSCE, the US representative said that the US will never recognise the “annexation of Crimea” and will never lift sanctions on Russia while the peninsula is under Russian control. The US is openly declaring a trade war against Russia. Everyone understands that Crimea will always be Russian. Since the US will never lift its sanctions, it is possible to talk more surely about the Russian prospects of Donbass.

The main conclusion that can be drawn after the analysis of the report of the US Special Representative to the OSCE is as follows: the US is interested in continuing the war in Donbass in order to solve its economic issues in the European Union.

Anti-Russian sanctions weaken primarily Europe’s most developed countries, and give the US an advantage in Europe’s trade sector.

Representatives of the republics of Donbass have long not been surprised by the poor hearing and vision of the OSCE mission in Donbass.

There is a US line that European countries must toe.

And until the European Union has the courage to tell its Washington counterparts that such a policy is unacceptable, nothing in Europe will change.

Vladimir Karasev

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