The US Wants to Hide the True Level of Corruption Among Ukrainian Officials

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The US State Department “strongly encourages” the Ukrainian government to cancel the norm of the law about the obligatory declaration of the incomes of anti-corruption activists.

This was stated by the spokeswoman of the State Department Heather Nauert on Twitter.

As a reminder, all activists from public organisations that are engaged in combatting corruption are obliged to hand over their electronic declaration of incomes before April 1st.

This same thought was more developed in the statement on the website of the State Department.

Also the US demands to offer amnesty for those who broke this law and didn’t hand over their declarations in time.

Regarding the topic of corruption, on March 30th on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, the “Opposition Bloc” leader Yury Boyko said that law enforcement bodies imitate the fight against corruption, instead of actually investigating high-profile crimes.

“Law enforcement bodies are constantly shook by scandals. Let’s remember how these new law enforcement bodies that were urged to fight against corruption were created, and what big hope society laid on them. How did all of this end? Scandals with NAZK, NABU, and the prosecutor’s office,” said the oppositional politician.

Yury Boyko drew attention to the fact that law enforcement bodies aren’t involved in actually investigating corruption affairs and resonant crimes. 

“This concerns acts of terrorism near parliament, explosions in ammunition warehouses, and the murders of journalists. And they (law enforcement bodies) are involved in in-fighting all the time,” he noted.

“Our position concerning this question hasn’t changed. We demand that the Prosecutor-General and the leaders of all law enforcement bodies come to parliament and report about their work. And we will start our work in the next plenary week with this demand,” stressed the co-chairman of the “Opposition Bloc”.

Yury Boyko is convinced that there must be political will in order to actually combat corruption.

“If there is no political will, then nothing will happen. And currently an imitation of combatting corruption takes place. And everybody sees it,” summarised the politician.

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