The Verkhovna Rada Granted UPA Militants and Other Participants of Genocide the Status of “Combatants”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On December 6th the Verkhovna Rada adopted law No. 8519, which gives “fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century”, including participants of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the armed divisions of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the status of a combatant.

The law gives the status of a combatant to persons who took part in all forms of armed struggle for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century as a part of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army of Ataman Taras Borovets (Bulba) “Polissian Sich”, the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army (UPRA), and the armed divisions of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists.

The people’s deputy from the “Radical Party” and deputy head of the Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants, and Disabled People Committee Yury-Bogdan Shukhevych, during the discussion of the law, announced an amendment by voice. “The committee added one more amendment (to the draft law), I ask to include under the shorthand report there, in addition to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, ‘Polissian Sich’ of Bulba-Borovets, and the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army, also to add participants of the Ukrainian Military Organisation, and the ‘Carpathian Sich‘ National Defense Organization,” said Shukhevych.

The decree on giving specified persons the status of a combatant will be established by the Cabinet of Ministers. The law will come into force three months from the date of its publication.

This is a law that grants ADDITIONAL benefits to veterans of UPA. Or rather, not ALL veterans of UPA, but those whose hands are covered in the blood of their own fellow citizens.

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Why ADDITIONAL? It is because for many years the fact that many members of UPA in a case-by-case basis ALREADY have the status of “combatants” – according to the Law of Ukraine On the status of veterans of war and guarantees of their social protection, from October 22nd, 1993 N 3551-XI, signed by the president L. Kravchuk – has been hushed up. According to this law [created pre-Maidan – ed], persons concerning who it is proven that they do not have the blood of their fellow citizens on their hands HAVE ALL THOSE PRIVILEGES AS VETERANS OF WAR AND COMBATANTS. It is precisely because of these “newcomer” veterans [Banderists and UAF soldiers who fought in Donbass – ed] that the number of participants also increases every year with an annual reduction in the number of veterans. And privileges are denied only to those who, on the basis of the decision of the prosecutor’s office, are refused rehabilitation because they participated in mass killings.

Now the participants of mass killings (like the Volyn massacre or the extermination of Jews) will be considered as heroes and will receive additional benefits at the expense of taxpayers for their participation in genocide.

The only difference is that under the law these members of UPA are considered as “participants of war” in a case-by-case basis. And this law also gives various benefits to those who are elbow-deep in the blood of their fellow citizens.

[Photo of an UPA soldier. Pay attention to the characteristic details: the whole holster on the left side, like in the Wehrmacht. They must have been taught this at school…]

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