The Verkhovna Rada Legalised a Union of Young Nazis to an Ovation

On December 17th there were two events in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine related to the neo-Nazi organisation “Plast“.

Firstly, “Plast” members were brought to the meeting room of the so-called “Peace Light of Bethlehem” (which was met with a storm of applause, but, characteristically, none of the deputies crossed themselves).

And then the same deputies passed the law granting this very “Plast” official status in the state.

“Plast” was organised on the eve of the First World War by the first Ukrainians loyal to Austrian power among the Rusyns of Galicia. Naturally, with the beginning of this war, “Plast” members formed the foundations of the first in history “SS” (the inglorious “Sichovi Striltsi” [Sich Riflemen – ed]), who collectively fled from Russian troops.

In the next generation, “Plast”, under sensitive spiritual care, gave rise to Hitler collaborators Bandera, Shukhevych, etc. – heroes of Ukraine.

And today’s young Nazis brought to the highest legislative body of the country the so-called “Peace Light of Bethlehem”.

As was explained from the podium by the “head of the Kievan center of Plast”, the tradition of carrying this fire arose in 1988 in the same blessed Austria. The young subject with the Fuhrer’s greasy hair and typical tick said that in the fight against Russian aggression and for “this fire of peace” already more than 500 Plast members have perished.

Well, already it’s good that at least they don’t call this tradition “from time immemorial”. However, the Uniates can dare to do it. It will be instilled in the next generation of “Plast”, of course, that it is this fire that came “from our grandparents”.

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But the great-grandparents of the overwhelming number of citizens of Ukraine were, nevertheless, Orthodox. And they knew only about the Jerusalem Fire. The Holy Fire, which miraculously descends on the eve of the Resurrection.

This miracle has been going on for almost 2,000 years exclusively in the presence of the Orthodox Patriarch. That’s why the Uniates urgently needed an erzats/substitute. But since the miracle of Fire convergence does not occur in their presence, they simply lit a candle from a regular candle in Bethlehem.

Why in Bethlehem, and not Jerusalem, where the main event of Christian history – the Resurrection – took place? Because, for Catholics, Easter is not the main holiday.

Thus, the reformatting of the initially Orthodox consciousness of the population of present-day Ukraine takes place, beginning, of course, with “law-making”.

But if the Uniates of Vakarchuk, Poroshenko’s Orthodox Church of Ukraine members, and Soros’ adherents of Zelensky are happy to delude themselves about their identity, the participation of “Opposition Platform – For Life” in the celebration of “Plast” raises naive questions.

Thus, the head of the youth branch of “Opposition Platform – For Life” Yury Pavlenko voted” for Bill No. 0976 “On State Support for the Scout Organization ‘Plast’ and other Scout Organisations”.

The bill stipulates, inter alia, the involvement of such organisations by the authorities in the patriotic education of the youth.

Dmitry Skvortsov

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