The Verkhovna Rada Understood That an “Independent” Ukraine Will Disappear After “Nord Stream-2” Is Launched

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The construction of Nord Stream-2 is an attack on the gas and state independence of Ukraine, and the transit guarantees under the gas transit system (GTS) that European partners can give to Ukraine is “Budapest-2”.

This was stated at a meeting of the Coordination board of faction leaders and chairmen of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada by Oleg Berezyuk (Samopomich).

“These days, these minutes there is a massive gas attack on the gas independence of the country. If today Ukraine doesn’t hold on, then it will disappear as an independent sovereign State. This concerns the construction of ‘Nord Stream-2’ and the destruction of the Ukrainian GTS not only as an economic factor, but also as a factor of military protection. Who today will become the protection of precisely this element of defending Ukraine??

The question for the government of Ukraine is: does this government have a strategy? A strategy for the use of the Ukrainian GTS and its protection as an instrument of defending Ukrainian independence?” said the politician.

“Remaining under the ownership of Ukraine, the GTS must become of interest for our strategic partners in the West so that the trading of Ukrainian independence via ‘Nord Stream-2’ will stop. Today they offer guarantees of the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS. These guarantees have already been called Budapest-2 by the people. We can’t allow it at all. The government must immediately offer parliament a strategy for the use of the GTS and its preservation as an instrument of defending Ukrainian independence,” demanded Berezyuk.

[At around 42:45 in the video]

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