The Vice-Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament Forbade a Deputy From Talking About the Odessa Massacre

During his speech in the parliament on April 26th the People’s Deputy from the Opposition Bloc faction Igor Shurma was denied the right to speak by the deputy speaker Oksana Syroid when the people’s deputy spoke about the tragedy on May 2nd 2014 in Odessa, reported the press service of the faction headed by Vadim Novinsky, on their official Facebook page.

“A day that we have no right to forget ― May 2nd 2014, the day of the horrifying fire in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, when 48 [this is the official number cited by the “investigation”, but in reality it is closer to 300 – ed] of our fellow citizens died. 26 children became orphans, 45 participants of a peaceful protest are still in detention, the families of the dead are deprived of any state help and, above all, belief in justice in their own country,” said Shurma from the tribune.

In the hall a skirmish began, and the people’s deputy’s microphone was switched off.

“It’s a well-known fact that a Russian landing force from Russia and Transnistria was a precursor to the events in Odessa, therefore you have the right to say only speak about what does not divide Ukrainians, or I will close a meeting,” said Syroid.

The “Opposition Bloc” regarded the position of Syroid as a violation of regulations.

“Having roughly violated Part 1 of Paragraph 10 of Article 28 of the law of Ukraine on regulations of the Verkhovna Rada, which directly forbids the chairperson from interrupting the speech of People’s Deputies, Oksana Syroid forbade the representative of ‘Opposition Bloc’ from continuing their speech and to convey the position of the faction about the need to investigate the Odessa massacre that happened on May 2nd 2014, to punish the murderers of 48 perished inhabitants of Odessa, and also to feel sympathy for the relatives of the dead,” declared the party.

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“The ‘Opposition Bloc’ faction is convinced that concealment of the tragedy and the lack of punishment concerning the brutal murders in Odessa are complicity in this crime against humanity. Abusing the speaker’s powers during a parliamentary session, Oksana Syroid interfered with deputy activity of a politician…. The vice speaker of parliament flagrantly violated the oath of the People’s Deputy and Article 88 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which obliges the chairperson to strictly observe the law of Ukraine on regulations of the Verkhovna Rada,” it is said in the statement.

“Such democracy. The Ukrainian language and Tomos do not divide, and it is impossible to speak about the tragedy on May 2nd from the tribune of this parliament,” said the jurist and analyst Elena Diatchenko, commenting on the petty tyranny of the Lvov politician.

The audience of this “show” reminds that Oksana Syroid studied at the Ottawa University in Canada and received a degree of LL.M. (master’s in law).

Canadian law it such that Ukrainian law does not compete with it,” stated Sergey Baykin, hinting at mentally fried Lvov nationalists who are supported by the West.

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