“The War Must Continue!”: Poroshenko & Co Issued an Ultimatum to Zelensky on the Eve of the Normandy Format Meeting

From the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada people’s deputies from the factions “European Solidarity” [formerly known as “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” – ed], “Golos”, and “Batkivshchyna” issued an ultimatum to President Vladimir Zelensky in connection with the forthcoming meeting of the Normandy Four.

The corresponding video appeared on the page of former guarantor Petro Poroshenko on Facebook on December 3rd.

Parliamentarians from the Rada’s rostrum read out the following demands to the guarantor:

  • No compromises on a unitary state and federalisation.
  • No compromises on the European and Euro-Atlantic course.
  • No political actions, in particular elections in the “temporarily occupied territories of Donbass” before the “withdrawal of Russian troops”, disarmament of “illegal armed groups”, and the establishment of control over the state border.
  • No compromises on the “de-occupation” and return of Crimea.
  • No stoppages regarding international trials against Russia.

Comment of Nikolay Azarov:

“Losers, morons, embezzlers, brazen in their impunity for their crimes, put forward an ultimatum in the Verkhovna Rada to Zelensky.

They demanded that he continue the war to the last Ukrainian.

Look at their arrogant faces, how much evil and hatred they have for the people of Ukraine!

And Zelensky should think hard about who he is with – them or the people of Ukraine!”

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