The West Created the Optimal Situation for Russia in Belarus

As for the technological side of current events in Belarus… Once I wrote something similar in 2014-2015 about the events in Ukraine. I did not think that this would have to be done in relation to Belarus…

1. Judging by the videos online, a lot of experienced revolutionary nazis from the “fraternal” for Lukashenko Ukraine have come to the country. As I once predicted, due to the insufficient mass of local loonies and maidanists, they will be supported by Ukrainian saplings from neo-nazi gangs and outright schizophrenics.

2. Now all the forces of the coup organisers are thrown at provoking bloody excesses. The logic is extremely simple: to at any cost bring the situation to extreme forms of violence, to blood, to death, and then all this is continuously spread in the information space, creating a picture of an “infernal tyrant” and “rebelling people”. The goal is to capture as many people as possible, to deprive Lukashenko of popular support as much as possible. That’s why revolutionaries need corpses. As many bodies as possible. Therefore, the flow of corpses will increase.

3. There is a continuous process of discrediting the law enforcement of the Republic of Belarus, increasing the exertion of information and psychological pressure on them. The main goal is to morally decompose, intimidate, and eventually paralyse the work of the police, who are currently propping up the entire Belarusian statehood.

4. The process of discrediting and paralysing the Belarusian media has started. It seems that “sleepers” have already been activated among journalists, who should maximise the image of “bloody tyranny” with their personal demarches. Bot farms have become extremely active on social networks, and bots are vigorously pushing nonsense about a “bloody tyrant” and a “people’s revolution”.

5. At the same time, rumours have already been spread that Lukashenko is preparing to flee. By all means, an informational cartoon is being created that the government has started to stagger and is about to fall.

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6. Minsk is already in diplomatic isolation from the west, with the prospect of new sanctions.

7. The territories of neighbouring countries – Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states – are now actively working against Belarus. From these territories come militants, instructors, money and, perhaps, there is/will be weapons (for example, the Ukrainian-Belarusian border is a very figurative thing).

8. After the debilitating scandal with “33 heroes”, in which Lukashenko consciously took an active part, Moscow took a wait-and-see attitude. But those who foisted the topic of a provocation on Lukashenko didn’t succeed to cut off the Belarusian president from the Kremlin. However, Russian-Belarusian relations are currently in an extremely cold state. However, I think that in case of a critical situation, Russia will come to the aid of Belarusians.

9. The situation with pro-western traitors in Lukashenko’s inner circle is unclear. The success of the current coup attempt largely depends not even on the street, but on the solidity of the Lukashenko government. If he still hasn’t purged his internal enemies, his chances of remaining standing are minimal.

10. There is a lot at stake in Belarus right now (and it’s not even about Belarus itself), so the west will throw everything it has into battle to take over the country.

P.S. But, in my opinion, everything is actually very good! Because now the west has created the optimal situation for Russia with its own hands, so that it [Russia – ed] can (once and for all) solve the “Belarusian issue” in its favour! The Americans, Europeans and other Ukrainians created just perfect conditions to do this! I hope that Putin, as an experienced political Sambo player, will not miss this chance given to him by the west!

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Andrey Vadjra

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