The West Is Fighting for Its Valuable Personnel in Russia

While Russia confronts coronavirus and fights against its consequences, the West continues to fight for its agents working in Russia.

Just the other day, the European Union once again called for the dismissal of charges against the journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva, who is accused of justifying terrorism purportedly because of her criticisms of the Russian authorities.

In fact, the lady appeared on the author’s program “Minute of Enlightenment” on the air of the radio station “Echo of Moscow in Pskov”, during which she talked about the reasons that prompted 17-year-old anarcho-communist Mikhail Zhlobitsky who blew himself up in the FSB building in Archangelsk.

Prokopyeva linked Zhlobitsky’s bomb detonation with the socio-political situation in the country, and also drew parallels with political terrorism in the Russian Empire, in particular with the actions of Narodnaya Volya members. She said that there were no conditions for political activism in the country, and that “the State, through its actions and its policies itself provoked an act of violence against itself”. According to her, years of state pressure on political and civil liberties led Russia to the stage of a repressive state.

Simply put, the lady justified terrorism, because of which she received a criminal case.

Of course, this caused indignation among human rights defenders of all stripes and various kinds of foreign journalistic organisations, who believe that Prokopyeva is being persecuted because of her criticism of the authorities.

But this is not the entire “credit history” of the journalist. According to the journalists of the TV channel “Rossiya 24”, Prokopyeva cooperated with “Radio Svoboda” and filmed for them on camera a military unit near Pskov (see from 24:26). Simply put, the girl for a funny amount of $100 was spying in favour of a publication recognised in Russia as a foreign agent, which, as we understand, adds a certain colour and character to her portrait.

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At the same time, the West continues to actively care about her freedom and to make from her a victim of repression and an example of pressure being put on freedom of speech.

It is not difficult to guess what fate would await Prokopyeva if she justified a terrorist in the United States or approached a military base with a camera. She’d be immediately jailed. For a long time. And not under house arrest.

We still stand on ceremony with them. Even though Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu himself demands further legislative regulation of the activities of such characters, who hide behind the media law and infiltrate military facilities and the families of dead soldiers.

On the other hand, it is now clear why the West is so concerned about the fate of a provincial journalist. And it’s not about free speech at all. It’s just that she’s a valuable staff member, who for a penny is ready to do any task, a lot of which were accumulated during her house arrest. But unfortunately it’s not easy to find those who want to perform them.

As for “Radio Svoboda”, for which Prokopyeva filmed her “report”, it is high time to ban this dump in Russia. Because of impunity, they have become so brazen that they openly conduct espionage and intelligence activities on the territory of our country. And they will continue to do so, hiding behind the same media law and referring to “freedom of speech”, from an abundance of which they have finally lost all limits and reached an extreme degree of permissiveness.

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Yuliya Vityazeva

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