The West Will Stop Ukraine’s Extinction: Technology Is Being Tested in Germany

Ukraine is not one of those countries where crowds of migrants aspire to be. It is rather on the contrary: the main problem for the officially poorest state of Europe is the mass fleeing of human resources abroad. But talk about western sponsors possibly imposing on Kiev an open door policy for the reception of illegal immigrants has been going on for a long time. But recently it became frequent. And if the pages of the Atlantic Council website started talking about it, then it is possible to assume that the pressure being put on Ukraine will soon amplify.

This article was written by the staff of the grant-funded structure “Right to Protection”, whose official purpose is defending the rights of refugees and migrants on the territory of Ukraine. What is characteristic is that the idea of needing to receive a large number of refugees from the countries of Asia and Africa (the authors give as a “success story” a certain Ibrahim from Guinea who settled on Ukraine) is presented to the audience as a certain benefit for the country of the victorious Maidan. Its like saying: only in this way is it possible to solve the problem of a shortage of working hands, which arose because of the mass outflow of Ukrainians abroad.

In other words, an attempt is being made to impose on Ukrainian citizens the idea that it isn’t necessary to try to hold onto and even more so to bring back, their own gastarbeiters, to create conditions for them whereby it is not necessary to leave their home, or to raise their salary, getting out of the crisis. On the contrary, let them go and settle abroad, and it is necessary to replace them with refugees from Syria and Somalia.

…One of the first to suggest the idea of transforming Ukraine into a settling tank for refugees and migrants from the countries of Asia and Africa was the runaway millionaire Aleksandr Temerko, who in Russia is wanted in connection with the Yukos case and for a long time settled in Great Britain, having become the sponsor of the Conservative Party. In the middle of the migration crisis that overflowed Europe in the autumn of 2015, Temerko suggested to redirect Syrian refugees from EU countries to Ukraine. Ukrainians, according to him, will only be glad to offer a helping hand to their European partners“.

The businessman then even calculated that in Ukraine it is possible to support five Syrians at the price of one in Europe. He also undertook the obligation to convince Kiev of the need to implement this plan. For obvious reasons, in Ukraine this pipe dream did not find a response. On the contrary, he tried to become silent, realising what reaction will be caused by presenting such ideas to society.

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Moreover, the infamous structure “Stopfake” announced that all such rumours are operations of the “Russian special services”. It particular, this was explained in an article published on the American “BuzzFeed” website about negotiations between Ankara and Kiev over the creation in Ukraine of several camps for the reception of Syrian refugees. I.e., “BuzzFeed”, Temerko, and the Atlantic Council, it turns out, are tools in the skilful hands of the “Russian special services”.

The “radical” deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Mosiychuk also, probably, was hired by Moscow. Last year he said the following: “I have reliable information that EU officials suggest that the Ukrainian authorities establish a migrant camp in our country and in exchange Ukraine will be given some micro-financial aid”. And the deputy opposed not only this idea, but even the fact of such negotiations. “There is nothing that can turn Ukraine into a reservation,” he said with outrage.

The article of the Atlantic Council was probably born after numerous probing of public reaction towards such pipe dreams. There understood that the idea of mass delivery of migrants from poor regions of the world in Ukraine is not perceived therefore decided to present it as the wonderful recipe of rescue of the country.

The authors of these fabulous utopias, however, avoid to answer a simple question: how to convince Afro-Asian refugees to settle in Ukraine? Syria is not so destroyed that life in other poor country that fell into full decay seemed to Syrians to be tolerable.

Again, returning to the recent migration crisis in Europe, it is necessary to remember that the lion’s share of refugees broke through Hungary, Greece, the former Yugoslavian countries to the North and the West, and in the more satiated Germany, France, and Britain. There both salaries and benefits for migrants are more. It is possible to imagine how they would be “delighted” at the prospect of reaching a country where the average salary is quite comparable to some of the African states where flows of refugees to Europe come from. If they do not accept Greece and Hungary, then they even more will not go to Ukraine. Respectively, in any case, such initiatives will lead to the forcible transfer of refugees to a country that they deem to be undesirable and their subsequent retention inside it.

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At the same time, the plans read out by Temerko and Mosiychuk promised at least some financial benefit to the side receiving illegal immigrants from Europe. There was at least talk about expenses associated with the transportation and keeping of migrants being undertaken by the EU (as is the case in camps for Syrian refugees in Turkey, or in North Africa – something that is being planned by the Europeans). The same thing that is presented as the benefit on the pages of the agency of the influential American center is an attempt to impose on Kiev the policy that the West needs, even without providing any financial aid. And the authors especially do not hide the fact that they are lobbying the introduction of changes to the domestic legislation of Ukraine with the assistance of a number of the western business-associations.

One can only guess why such an approach arose right now, having replaced the previous ones. Quite possibly, a role was played by the strengthening of Western grant receivers within the political hierarchy of Ukraine — Soros’ people and various institutions that are contained from abroad received record representation in the new Rada, having entered via the lists of “Servants of the People” [Zelensky’s party – ed] and “Golos” [Vakarchuk’s party – ed].

Apparently, Vladimir Zelensky was already convinced that he has to follow this path. It is precisely for this reason that a few weeks ago he tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with “developing a mechanism for simplifying the reception of Ukrainian citizenship for people who suffer from rights and freedoms violations in their countries”. Frankly speaking, the “sufferers” of all countries and peoples did not queue for Ukrainian passports after that. But for the western friends of Zelensky the most important thing now is to introduce a scheme that will allow to redirect through Ukraine, at least partially, the flows of refugees. And if this happens, then it is possible to further involve the coercion mechanism, gradually turning Ukraine into a settling tank for illegal immigrants from the hot spots of the planet. I.e., the same plan of Temerko, but now without financial incentives for Kiev.

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Vladimir Kornilov

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