The West’s Coordinated “Bucha” Propaganda Campaign

NEW – April 4, 2022

The noise raised by the Ukrainian and Western media around Bucha is not a coincidence. It came after the Istanbul talks, which were extremely unsuccessful in terms of information and propaganda for the Russian side. The attempt to negotiate, to act in a civilised and honourable manner, was perceived as a weakness by the junta and its patrons in the West. It created the illusion that they could continue to push. And the withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied cities in the north of Ukraine created an excellent occasion for another information and propaganda provocation a la Srebrenica. And it will always be like this – as soon as we relax, we will be beaten.

Therefore, it is urgently necessary to completely purge Mariupol and take the city under full control, after which the Donetsk grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces must be crushed. And for this period, negotiations can be strategically curtailed – “because of the work on the wording”. The rabid beast of neo-Nazi Ukraine will not rest until it is strangled in its lair. Therefore, only hardcore is the destruction of the enemy until its complete surrender.

Yury Baranchik

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