The Wife of a Seriously Ill Orthodox Journalist Asks for His Urgent Release From a Kiev Jail

NEW – March 27, 2022

Larisa Syva stated that “he does not have the opportunity to receive normal medical care, and hospitalisation is denied to him”

Kiev journalist, writer and active supporter of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) Yan Taksyur is in a critical condition in a Kiev pre-trial detention centre, while hospitalisation and necessary medical care are denied to him. A video message with a request to international human rights organisations to facilitate the release of Taksyur was recorded by his wife Larisa Syva, the video was posted on Tuesday in his Telegram channel by Archpriest-missionary Andrey Tkachev.

“The well-known Ukrainian Orthodox publicist, TV presenter, writer and poet Yan Taksyur, my husband, is now in the Lukyanovka pre-trial detention centre in a very serious state of health. He has a condition close to oncology, <…> hypertension and a weak heart. During his stay in the pre-trial detention centre, he complains of absolutely unbearable pain. All the painkillers that I bring don’t help him. <…> This morning my husband told me on the phone that he won’t live to see his liberation – it’s stuffy in the cell, and his heart can’t stand it,” Syva said.

Taksyur’s wife stated that “he has no opportunity to receive normal medical care and he is denied hospitalisation”. According to his wife, all the efforts of lawyers lead to nothing.

“I ask you to immediately release my husband for health reasons, to provide him with the necessary medical care. If there is an opportunity to appeal to international human rights organisations, please help us,” the woman said.

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Taksur disappeared on March 10, later it became known that he was placed in the Kiev pre-trial detention center. Some media reported that the journalist was detained by the SBU and was suspected of treason.

The journalist and TV presenter has repeatedly spoken in the Ukrainian media in support of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as criticising the actions of representatives of the schismatic “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” and the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


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