The Women’s March in Minsk Was Led by a Crazy Russophobe

The Belarusian opposition held a “women’s grand march” in Minsk on August 29th. Its participants carried nationalist white and red flags and posters, many of which had humorous content: “Prostitutes with the people”, “You can’t cook borscht with rotten onions”, “Here is what fitness is”, and “Sasha, sexism has ruined you”.

The march planned to pass through the centre of Minsk to Independence Square, but the women’s path was blocked by OMON. The route had to be changed, but demonstrators periodically encountered police chains. Women shouted offensive slogans at them: “No one will give it to you”, “You are not men”, and “Your mother is with us”.

Sometimes the chains broke. From the outside, it was like the game Boyarswe have come to you.

The “grand march” was led by a Minsk city madwoman – 73-year-old Nina Baginskaya. She has been actively involved in nationalist rallies for years and is known for her Russophobic sentiments, opposing integration with Russia. The other day, she attacked the OMON officers who took away her nationalist flag.

“We are different people from Moskals. We have different mentality and blood. We even have different psyches. Because we are farmers. And Moskals are soldiers. They are used to driving in their kibitkas, attacking and robbing,” said Baginskaya.

Although the opposition strongly emphasises its neutral attitude to Russia and Europe, Baginskaya was greeted as a heroine at the march, chanting “Nina!”.

Is it any wonder that among the posters was this: “Will you also bring women from Russia?”. This was a hint about the presence of Russian special forces in Belarus. Rumours about this are actively passed off as facts among the opposition.

Elena Ostryakova

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