The World Must Know the Truth: Malaysia Demands to Make All MH-17 Evidence Public

The authorities of the country are confident that it is necessary to stop deceiving people.

Malaysia insists on the release of absolutely all evidence in the case of the shot down Boeing МН17. Especially those classified by the investigation for one reason or another.

According to Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, this is necessary to ensure that any interested party has the opportunity to follow the investigation and possibly conduct their own on the basis of official documents.

Abdullah stressed that the investigation should not place blame on anyone until all evidence and nuances have been investigated. But, like with Russia, the perpetrators are not sought, but designated. That is why for so many years the world has not heard anything intelligible besides accusations against the militias, which allegedly helped Russia.

The investigation did not take into account the data of the Russian side, the important evidence from the scene of the incident, nor the witnesses of Detective Resch. This is just ignoring, behind which the horrible things are hidden..

If Malaysia succeeds in lobby the idea, the real orderers and performers will be greatly under pressure. On the other hand, it is time to put an end to this endless lie and bring the investigation of the terrible tragedy to its end.

Olga Smerchenko

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