The Yeltsin Family Comes Out of the Shadows

The wait is over… Valentin Yumashev, Yeltsin‘s son-in-law, former head of his administration, and one of Berezovsky‘s henchmen, suddenly decided to give a big interview to Vladimir Posner for the first time in 20 years. Not on “Channel One” yet, but in the Yeltsin Center. Such a move he himself explained by referring to a need to tell the “truth”, but he was immediately embarrassed and made a reservation that it would be perceived as a lie. Remarkable frankness, caused not by sincerity, but by stammering. Listening to the voice of Yumashev, he was vividly reminiscent of how on NTV Evgeny Kiselev mumbled for hours, nibbling his moustache. He mumbled because he painfully thought about how to more skilfully lie.

So, the main purpose of the interview is this phrase, which was willingly disseminated by all federal media: “Yeltsin saw Putin as a man who would continue his liberal reforms. For Yeltsin, it was important that Putin was from another generation: you can’t leave the country to those who were under the USSR.”

Thus, the Family emphasises that Putin is not just from their team, but that he is still on their team, that he is flesh of flesh of the Yeltsin regime. Yumashev said that Yeltsin allegedly perceived Putin as his political child, as the main project of life. This is, of course, an outright lie designed for the children of the 1990s who do not remember this era.

Yeltsin handed over power involuntarily, after being in a zombie state for several years, when he disappeared from the state’s radar for weeks. Then he would leave his house, mumble something vague, and again will disappear, having completely given the country to Semibankrishchina for plunder.

Yeltsin simply could not continue to stay in the Kremlin – and the oligarchs were frantically in looking for a replacement. Yumashev himself confirms that they chose from a number of Family favourites, frank Westerners (the most important was Nemtsov), but they realised that the people hated them so much that they could not even be pulled into the president’s chair with the TV’s help. And therefore the choice fell on unknown Putin, who, they say, “will continue his liberal reforms”. In fact, they didn’t care about “liberal reforms” or other dogmas, the Family had the main thing to keep Semibankirshchina – but it was precisely this that was the first thing Putin dispersed, for which he received great support from the people.

Why did Yumashev “remember” it only now? The answer lies in the following phrase: “I think if you ask Vladimir Vladimirovitch today, with 99% confidence he will say that in 2024 he will leave.” This is the logic: since Putin is flesh of Yeltsin’s flesh, since he ruled as if with the permission of the Family (and Yumashev did not specifically say a word of criticism towards the president, although it is obvious that he has them in excess), he should return power to the Family after 2024.

Amazing audacity and lies. But nothing else should be expected from Yumashev and Yeltsin. The jackals felt the chance to return to power (Project Perestroika 2.0) and launched a campaign to discredit Putin in the eyes of the people and force him to surrender power to the Family as a part of the Kremlin’s continuity. So far they do this accurately, without abrupt movements. But it is clear that the interview in the Yeltsin Center was scripted from word to word. The same Posner was sluggish in asking questions, as he surely knew the answers to them in advance. He and Yumashev are long-time friends, here they are on the beach with the daughter of Yeltsin and Abramovich warming their bellies.

At the same time, the Family expects to drive wedges of division into Putin’s vertical. Thus, Yumashev specifically told a vile story about Evgeniya Maksimovich Primakov, who, as Prime Minister, allegedly asked the head of the FSB Putin to establish surveillance of Yavlinsky as an agent of the State Department, and he called Yumashev and said that this would not be done and he would resign if he was forced to. This may not be a pure lie, but half-truths, or even a cover operation by Primakov and Putin to gain the confidence of oligarchs. But this story, told now by Yumashev, is designed to drive a wedge between Putin and the security forces. Yes, it is unlikely to immediately have any effect, but the Family will surely tell such stories more and more.

So, the Yeltsin Family and former oligarchs come out of the shadows to regain power under the guise of liberalisation and Putin’s “obligations” to Yeltsin. Perestroika-2 has been launched, already has a headquarters in Yeltsin Center, created an ideological image of the “saintly 1990s”, and starts an information campaign. The interview of Yumashev, apparently, is one of the first of such information plantings. In the future it is worth expecting the appearance of Yeltsin’s daughter with Yury Dud [a liberal agitator like Navalny – ed], and the same Yumashev on Channel One. And behind their backs will be Abramovich, Gusinsky (by the way, he is still quite alive and well), Friedman, Potanin, Deripaska, Chubais, and their loyal assistants Gref, Shokhin, etc.

Russky Malchik

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