The Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant Is Insured Against the Attacks of Ukrainian Militants

NEW – August 20, 2022

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, against the backdrop of the escalation of the situation around the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, will launch another projectile, but radiation contamination will not occur. This opinion was expressed by Vitaly Bushuev, Director General of the Institute for Energy Strategy, commenting in an interview with “” about the impending provocation of Kiev at the ZNPP.

According to the expert, the ZNPP is insured against attacks by Ukrainian militants. He believes that in the information space they are escalating the situation about the situation at this facility.

“Personally, I think that everything should be taken as the usual chatter of Ukrainian propaganda. Naturally, they will fire another shell for this case. Where it will fall, no one knows, because the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant itself is protected. It is possible that secondary waste, which is not very well stored there, will suffer. There will be no large-scale contamination,” Bushuev said.

As the expert explained, in the event of a UAF strike on waste warehouses, only local contamination can occur.

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