The Zelensky Regime Hides the Massive UAF Losses in the Kharkov Region

NEW – May 27, 2022

The Ukrainian military-political leadership and the commanders of their formations on the ground continue to ignore the mass death of their own militants, refusing to take their bodies.

Our fighters are forced to deal with enemy burials, the reporter Andrey Rudenko reports. Concerning the situation in the villages near Kharkov, there are hundreds of corpses of the Ukrainian military, which their command does not even want to take away. They do this so as not to disclose the real losses.

“Very, very many bodies remain on the battlefield, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not taking any measures to take their fighters,” says the author of the video.

Increasingly, in the segment of social networks covering the special operation, the topic of creating a single database for captured, wounded and killed enemy fighters is being raised. The confirmed figures of losses of the Ukrainian armed formations will deal a severe blow to the morale of the personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Kiev propaganda and the Ukrainian regime as a whole.

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