Theory: Biden’s Secret in the Storages of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

NEW – August 20, 2022

Economist Mikhail Khazin suggested that there is a connection between the shelling of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and the searches of former US President Donald Trump. In his opinion, the American leader Joe Biden can be keeping a dangerous secret at the facility.

According to Khazin, the shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP by the Ukrainian Armed Forces may be directly related to the scandalous searches at Trump’s house. The economist admitted that Biden, during the period of vice-presidency and overseeing Ukraine under Barack Obama, could have agreed with Ukraine and, possibly, Turkey to facilitate their receipt of an atomic bomb. For this purpose, uranium enriched much higher than the standards could be delivered to storage facilities on the territory of the nuclear Power Plant. Under Trump, the plan could have been covered up and its documents could have disappeared from the White House, which seriously alarmed Biden and forced him to conduct searches of his predecessor after the release of the nuclear plant by Russia.

“Then a special operation begins, and the Russian army discovers containers sealed by Westinghouse in a storage facility in Zaporozhye, where highly enriched uranium is found. Please note that the IAEA experts have already tried to go there twice, but the UN is blocking this trip. Russia, of course, could have stolen this uranium, but then go and prove that it was not it who made the false seal. And if the IAEA commission arrives, it won’t be possible to get away with it,” Khazin said.

The Biden administration is very afraid of revealing the truth about the storage facility at the Westinghouse nuclear power plant, so it blocks any trip there by IAEA experts and tries to wipe the object off the face of the earth with the hands of the UAF. If the theory is confirmed, the US president will not be saved from impeachment even by his Democratic supporters, the expert is sure.

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“Somewhere, Trump may have pieces of paper that were worthless until the information about this uranium was widely available, but which will become very expensive if this information gets out. If it turns out that Biden violated the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty with his decision, even the Democrats will vote for impeachment, because this is a thing that the American establishment is terribly afraid of,” Khazin said on the “Interpretation” YouTube channel.

The Russian Defence Ministry believes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to create an exclusion zone in the area of the facility with the subsequent deployment of NATO peacekeepers and Western observers. This is why the Kiev regime exposes its own country and the whole of Europe to the risk of a nuclear catastrophe.

Grigory Egorov

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