“There Is No Money”: Ukrainian Expert Commented on the Intention of Stepan Poltorak to Buy Weapons From NATO Countries

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukraine today has no opportunity to receive the newest samples of arms under contracts with NATO countries. This was stated by the military expert Aleksandr Musiyenko on the air of “ObozTV”, commenting on the intention of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak to buy weapons from NATO.

As the expert noted, the main problem concerning money is that “it seems that it exists, but resources are limited”.

Musiyenko cited as an example the purchase of Canadian Colt Canada rifles by Ukraine: “It’s a quite good company, and they are cheaper than American ones. And it is favourable to us and to Canadians”.

“We will be able to buy rifles, automatic weapons, and small arms. But when the ambassador of Ukraine in the US Chaly reads out plans for putting the Patriot system here, there is a need to be a realist. The Patriot program cost the Poles about $10-12 billion. We have no such money”

he stressed

“We should understand that we earmark 18-20 billion hryvnia for weapons – for purchases and modernisation. This isn’t even $1 billion. If to talk about what we can buy, our resources are limited”

explained the expert

According to Musiyenko, there cannot be any talk about any super-modern weapons unless it is in a limited quantity, since they are generally very expensive models – from $10 million per unit and above.

“This will be a question of small arms, perhaps artillery, perhaps not the latest models. But it wouldn’t be bad if such cooperation was set up”

he considers

Also, the expert reminded that Ukraine still hasn’t taken advantage of the “Island” American patrol boats that the US agreed to give free of charge.

“Why haven’t the ‘Island’ boats come to us yet, which were given free of charge? They say that the team is being trained, but how long can training go on for – is this ‘Island’ so difficult that our sailors cannot master it? Of course they can, the matter here concerns something else – perhaps there is bureaucratic red tape, moreover they have to be brought here at our expense, but we don’t want to do this. But at the end of the year maybe some money will be found and the ships will be brought here”

he added

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