There Is No Victory for Anyone in Karabakh

I’m bored of all these types of analytical calculations on Karabakh, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as on their political leadership.

Everything is actually very simple, but first let’s turn to the layout.

As for Turkey, it has been working in Azerbaijan for many years to foster loyalty to “everything Turkish” among the population, especially young people. There is the most prestigious training for Azerbaijanis in Turkish universities, there are also various grants and awards, i.e. the level of loyalty of the Azerbaijani population to Turkey is very high.

As for Armenia, many people know that Pashinyan’s “peaceful revolution” is another coup led by Soros and similar international structures. After coming to power, Pashinyan broke most of the agreements with Russia, destroyed the development of the Russian language in Armenia, put his Sorosites in all important state posts, continued cooperation with American biological laboratories, and allowed a huge number of western NGOs to enter the country.

In other words, he did everything to separate Armenia from Russia.

Except one. Ordinary Armenians would not understand him if he destroyed the collective agreement to protect the country within the framework of the CSTO, where Russia and other CSTO member states undertake to protect each other in the event of invasion or other aggression.

Now the layout itself.

It was Pashinyan, commissioned by Soros, who constantly disturbed the delicate balance in Karabakh during his rule. He did everything to anger Azerbaijan, including military provocations. Thus, Pashinyan is no other than a political provocateur. At least he was very skilfully hiding behind false patriotism. It was thanks to his efforts that the first blood was shed in Karabakh and the military confrontation began. Pashinyan is responsible for starting the war in Karabakh.

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The Azerbaijani political establishment, incited by Turkey, decided to put an end to the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh once and for all. Aliyev foolishly fell for the same false patriotism. After listening to his own generals, and of course Turkey’s assurances of “eternal loyalty”, as well as under pressure from the corrupt media and opinion polls, he found himself in a situation where it was almost impossible not to start a war. The word “almost” is defining. Because he didn’t fully calculate the final result.

I.e., it was played by Pashinyan and Erdogan blindly.

They are the strategic partners!

That’s why Pashinyan attacked the peaceful city of Ganja with missiles. It is important to understand that Pashinyan, when making this decision, clearly realised that both Azerbaijan and Russia would not fall for his provocation. Although it was extremely difficult for Aliyev, because civilians were killed, he managed to keep the situation under control.

But Pashinyan did this deliberately and precisely in order to bring Erdogan into the game, on the other side of the front line and under the pretext of protecting an ally, and to make the situation irreversible. In addition, after the victory, Erdogan was able to attribute part of this victory to himself. In this case, the Azerbaijani “lured” electorate will be delighted with Turkey’s help.

And here the goal of both “partners” is clearly shown.

Erdogan dreams of reviving the Ottoman Empire. To do this, he needs to destroy Azerbaijan, in the sense of taking power from Aliyev.

The calculation is simple – after the victory, Aliyev will have problems in the economy and Baku-Ceyhan will be “completely” undermined by some terrorists. The laurels of victory will quickly wither on Aliyev’s head, and the Azerbaijani youth lured by Turkey will easily organize some kind of peaceful revolution.

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Further, Erdogan’s goal is the physical destruction of Armenia, or together with the “liberated” Azerbaijan, these two countries will be the first to join the “Middle East NATO”. Under the strict guidance of the west.

What is Pashinyan’s goal?

To the last Armenian to fight against Turkey, and when “project Armenia” begins to close, and the “time of troubles” will come, “under the guise of” appropriating some remnants of Armenian assets, get out of the country.

Then write a memoir, for example, somewhere in the Caribbean.

Just like how today from Germany Gorbachev teaches us how to live.

That is why there is no victory for anyone in Karabakh.

Aliyev and the entire political elite of Azerbaijan are simply being bred by Erdogan. Just as today Pashinyan is betraying the entire Armenian people. And all of Armenia.

And the fingerprints of the west stand out on all of this.


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