There Is No War

NEW – March 15, 2022

The Russian leadership, perhaps because of diplomatic caution, legal subtleties and future relations with a neighbouring country, does not want to call the current state of Ukraine a terroristic one. But in fact it is.

Terrorism has flourished on the border with Russia. Ukraine with its population was sold by the corrupt authorities to the West as a territory from which a deadly threat to Russia based on the radical ideology of hatred for everything Russian should have emanated. Western instructors and weapons flowed into Ukraine, and military chemical and biological laboratories originating from the United States were deployed on its territory. Somewhere similar, it seems, this has already happened.

Stunned by impunity and mired in the Nazi ideology, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and neo-Nazi gangs, as well as part of the population of Ukraine, slipped into the Middle Ages. Just look at the abusive language and inhuman beatings, sometimes to death, of “looters” tied to a pole. Eight years of barbaric and unpunished bombing of Donbass convinced them of their right to superiority over the Russians and Russia. The question of attacking our country by force was only a matter of time.

While the governor of Kharkov, Sinegubov, is scribbling posts on Facebook, a hunger for pictures in the Western media is being deliberately created in Kharkov.

Meanwhile, starving boys who stole a loaf of bread from a kiosk are tied to poles.

“No investigation at all! I’ve been living here, damn, all my life!”

Territorial defence tied a man to a pole without explanation. It seems like they just like to mock people.

Bullying of people in Ukraine is increasingly reaching extremes.

The Ukrainian practice of lynching looters is becoming more sophisticated every day. If earlier Ukrainians were content with public humiliation, tying robbers to poles, now they have begun to take off their clothes. The avengers are not stopped even with the March weather.

Symbols of modern Ukraine. Analysis of such crimes shows that people are tied to poles even for holding a can of beer in their hands.

The medieval tradition of pillory revived by the Ukrainian Nazis has already led to a tragedy. One of the beaten and taped to a tree with cling film died. Whether he was a marauder or simply did not share the opinion of Ukrainian rogues – there is no way to find out about it.

Although why not find out? There was an incident in Novovolynsk, and this is the Volyn region – the west of Ukraine. There are no Russian soldiers there yet, the city is under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, therefore they maintain order and there should hardly be looters there. So most likely the second option. Alas.

Another marauder caught in Lutsk. Why hand over a criminal to the police if you can just tie him to a pole and whip him with a stick?

Even in the western parts of the country, the Ukrainian state system is gradually being destroyed.

Some will have doubts – this is a thickening of colours, we live in the 21st century! Where is the logic? They’re not crazy! Those looking for logic are strongly recommended to turn to the history of Ukraine during the Great Patriotic War. Was the logic of the bloody Nazi executioners Bandera and Shukhevych clear? After all, now in Ukraine it is their ideology that is encouraged by the authorities. Streets and avenues are named in their honour, songs are composed, poems are written, they are raised on banners, busts are cast, they write about them in textbooks. Ukrainian militants cover themselves with tattoos in the form of swastikas and neo-Nazi symbols. They shoot civilians or use them as a shield, placing their firing points in schools, hospitals and residential areas. And when fleeing, they leave even their colleagues chained to the posts. Those who do not hold weapons in their hands, in the stands, squares, on the airwaves and social networks, frankly, interspersing their howls with obscenities, declare to us all that they want to “slice Russians!” And the Ukrainian Foreign Minister talks about “eliminating” our president. Do you still not understand their logic? Only this is not ISIS somewhere far away in Syria on pickup trucks, these are militants near the border of Russia, armed to the teeth with old but reliable weapons left after the USSR.

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Sitting in coffee shops inside the conditional garden ring, many may not yet understand their logic. But it is well known to ordinary residents of Donetsk, on whom to this day rockets and bombs have been dropped, killing civilians just because they are Russians. Therefore, if someone has not yet understood the motives of the neo-Nazis from Ukraine, then the issue is no longer in them, but in those who do not want to see the obvious.

But those who are now hypocritically screaming “No war!” can be calm. There is no war! There is a special operation to clean up this neo-Nazi carrion in Ukraine, which dreams of slicing Russians. But a war would certainly happen if some “Tochka-U” flew into your cozy coffee shop, or a deadly virus from a US chemical and biological laboratory was brought there from the territory of Ukraine. Simply because the neo-Nazis, stupefied by the indulgence of the West, decided that Russia would swallow this too. But then it would have been too late, and the war would have started at your home, with your victims, and the Ukrainian militants would have disappeared into the caches of their state. So it’s better to shut up and be glad that the Russian soldier, while you are trying to spit on his back and take away his right to defend his nation, is doing his duty valiantly, bravely, without sparing himself or the enemy!


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