Theresa May – A Transitional Trojan Horse

By Ollie Richardson

On 27th June 2007, Gordon Brown became the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, replacing Tony Blair who resigned earlier due to his diminishing support from the general public. Brown’s tenure was doomed to fail from the very first moment, mainly due to his unappealing personality and general inability to generate enthusiasm about any of his policies.


The infamous incident in Rochdale, in which he called an elderly woman a “bigot” when she voiced her concerns about immigration to him, was almost certainly the final nail in his career coffin – a PR disaster for the Labour party too! Subsequently he stepped down on 11th May 2010, but the reasons for this perhaps were not solely due to internal party dissonance, but more to do with the ongoing Chilcot Inquiry, where he could have been implicated.

Fast-forward to July 2016, and we have a similar situation whereby the leader of a party who has recently illegally bombed a country in the Middle East has resigned due to an untenable position (Brexit in Cameron’s case), and has been replaced with someone unelected in the face of the Liberal-Tory Theresa May.

If her work in the Home Office is anything to go by, the UK will face a similar dismal transitional period running up to the next general election akin to the one under Gordon Brown. For example, the 2013 Immigration Act introduced by May resulted in two vans being driven around towns and cities with the slogan “Go home or face arrest”.  Only 11 people actually left the country, and May was accused by Yvette Cooper of “borrowing the language of the National Front in the 1970’s”.  In general, her reign as Home Secretary is riddled with many questions and few answers – in particular on the subject of the exponential increase in immigration to the UK.

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Ms. May didn’t take long to make her presence felt: within 1 week of her appointment as Prime Minster, she already stated that she would be prepared “to authorize a nuclear strike that could kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children”. And she wasn’t joking either – the Trident nuclear programme was renewed through the backdoor, without a single UK taxpayer being consulted. Although in saying that, did we expect things to be different? So now Scotland can enjoy £300 billion+ of ‘deterrent’ being docked in the west coast. But what exactly is it deterring?

Theresa has the answer for us:

“Threats from countries such as Russia and North Korea remain very real,” she said. “We need to be prepared to deter threats to our lives and our livelihoods and those of generations who are yet to be born,” the prime minister added.”

As we can see, Brexit hasn’t changed anything, YET! The same Russiaphobic ‘imaginary threat’ parallel universe still exists in the minds of the loyal Washington lapdogs. One could argue that the UK and allies bombing Syrian infrastructure is the real threat to Europe, and not a country that did more damage to ISIS in 3 months than the US did in 1 year.

It would appear that the powers that be (some call them ‘elites’) are fully aware the May will be hated by the working classes, but they will use her anyway to keep US influence alive not only in the UK, but in Europe too until Article 50 is invoked, something she has no intention of doing (this year at least). She is a Trojan horse whose mission is to pass the unpopular legislature that Cameron didn’t have the opportunity to do. In the same way Hillary Clinton is obsessed with biological categories to suit her ultra-liberal ideology, Theresa will also play the gender card at every available moment to deflect any harsh criticism directed in her direction. She could even become Margaret Thatcher 2.0, but she will struggle to sell the manufacturing base to the highest foreign bidder, as it has already been done (TATA Steel being the prime example)!

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As things stand, May takes over the reins of a country that is over £1 trillion in debt; has an immeasurable number of possible Jihadists roaming the streets; is seeing a surge in acts of violence in the usually law-abiding (relatively speaking) North; has seen the ‘middle class’ (if it ever existed) demolished; lives in fear that the National Health Service will be fully privatized; drops £105,000 per unit Brimstone missiles on Syria, uninvited by the government in Damascus; finds itself trying to pivot to China but staying within the grasp of the US etc…

And this is why Brexit will not produce any positive results until the current Conservative government’s term expires, and the opportunity arises for someone else to attempt to mop up the mess. Whether that opportunity belongs to Corbyn is an essay in itself – will he be able to both align the UK with the Multipolar vision promoted by BRICS and SCO members and give Britain its identity back? Will he even survive until Election Day? The truth is that the left-right paradigm was broken a long time ago, and in reality the new one is rich-poor. Theresa May represents one of those categories, and will seek to help her ‘friends in high places’ (and her Gulf allies) squeeze every last penny out of the UK. Bottoms up!




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