“They Are Erasing the Village From the Face of the Earth” – a Resident of Zaitsevo after UAF Shelling

The UAF is cold-bloodedly erasing Zaitsevo from the face of the earth, stated the head of administration of Zaitsevo Irina Dikun, who posted a video of the shelling.

It should be noted that the UAF’s shelling of Zaitsevo started on the morning of April 24th.

“At 5.45, Ukrainian army soldiers fired 8 rounds of 120mm calibre, as well as three rounds of 152mm calibre, at the village” said the representative office of the DPR in the JCCC and in the negotiation process.

In addition, the head of the administration of Zaitsevo posted on her blog a video showing a resident of the village describing the details of the shelling.

“Again shelling. The second series. Oh yes, 152mm, 120mm, howitzers working, and 203mm. I timed it – 25 seconds after the shot, 30 seconds, 28. And they’re all poor and unhappy, it’s us who fire at them [according to the Ukrainian fairytale – ed]. They shit on us all morning – it’s almost an hour they have been hammering non-stop on us, whereas from our side no one fired, even with a slingshot, I even didn’t hear a little pistol fart somewhere,” he said.

The resident of the village also stressed that during the shelling there were recorded hits on houses.

“And they hit severely, there’s even no assault rifles or machine guns. They strike only with big weapons. The smallest one among them is automatic grenade launchers, that’s all. Oh, and here’s the machine gun that started to work, and that’s probably in our direction. Probably they started to climb taking advantage of the moment. It hit somewhere – on the roof or somewhere else,” he added.

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The consequences of the shelling were confirmed by the Mayor of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko.

“25 Rudneva Street. Alas, the house completely burned down as a result of shelling,” he wrote on Telegram.

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