They Awakened Noble Rage…

NEW – March 17, 2022

They begin to “break” the main grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that stands opposite Donetsk and Gorlovka. It looks like an assault on Avdeevka is being prepared. They began to “break” in a strong way, judging by the sounds of those videos that Donetsk people post. And this is one of the consequences of the terrorist attack in Donetsk on March 14. After all, the UAF militants were warned that it was not worth awakening in the Russian soldier “noble rage, boiling like a wave”. They woke it up.

And here I have a couple of questions, the answers to which give answers to other questions related to the negotiation track.

The first question is: why is the eastern grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces not trying to break through to the west, towards the Dnieper? After all, it is obvious that the Russian army is going to create a cauldron and gradually “grind” the whole of this UAF-AidarRight Sector grouping. It is clear that the group has created a powerful fortified area for itself for many years, and does not want to leave it, so as not to be exposed to the blows of the Russian-Donetsk army. But it’s still a matter of time. And the quality of the ammunition used.

And then the answer to another question appears. The leadership of the eastern grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces understands that, having undertaken a march to the west, towards the Dnieper, they find themselves almost in an open field and become a convenient target for the Russian Aerospace Forces. And this will be worse than the 2014 “exit” from the Ilovaisk cauldron, where only artillery and MLRS worked against them. The same applies to the UAF strike group being formed on the Dnieper, which theoretically can launch a counterattack to unblock the eastern grouping (although they have already abandoned the Mariupol grouping). And this strike group will become easy prey for the Russian aerospace forces.

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That’s where Zelensky’s pleas for “closing the sky” came from, which filled everyone’s teeth, including his Western allies. The military is putting pressure on him, because only if the sky is closed by the allied forces of Ukraine, there is a chance either for the eastern grouping to break through to the Dnieper, or for the Dnieper strike group to prevent the Russian army from closing the ring.

And when Zelensky (= Ukro-military) realised that there were no fools to close the sky in front of Russia, then another course was taken, which was also dictated by the ukro-military.

Zelensky and his “strategic team of clowns” intensified the negotiation process. For one sole purpose (they don’t care about humanitarian corridors): to achieve a temporary ceasefire, ostensibly to solve humanitarian problems. Since a temporary cease-fire on the part of Russia will create at least some window for the eastern UAF-Aidar-Right Sector grouping to be able to break out of the potential cauldron and get to the Dnieper.

I do not even rule out that Zelensky’s “strategic team of clowns” is counting on the fact that if an agreement is reached on a meeting between Ze and Putin, on the eve of this meeting (and then it will become just a cover operation), the ceasefire will be in effect for at least a short time.

A strange, pathetic little man. Has he not yet realised that all his “manoeuvres” are quickly read in the General Staff of Russia? The eastern UAF-Aidar-Right Sector group will disappear (especially after the terrorist attack in Donetsk). And this is the end, because Ukraine has no other army.

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