They Do Not Understand…

NEW – August 27, 2022

There is a war going on, the scale of which, obviously, will surpass the scale of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people in 1941-1945. A significant part of fellow citizens accepted this simple conclusion, but there is also a considerable part who have not yet understood.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that a real hot war is going on next to their prosperous homes, deciding the issue of their life or death.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that they miraculously slipped past the destruction of these dwellings only due to the fact that the Russian Army, by order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, struck ahead of the enemy, who was ready to rush into an offensive.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the first thing would be to slaughter the entire Donbass and all its 4 million people in a week, and then the turn of the Rostov, Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk regions and Crimea would come.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the 36th Marine Brigade was trained not to defend Mariupol, where it was destroyed in May, but to capture Taganrog in February, and that the “Azov” regiment was supposed to cleanse both Azov and Rostov in March.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the minefields cleared by Ukrainian Armed Forces troops in February at Perekop and Chongar were supposed to let the advancing UAF tanks and motorised infantry into Crimea in March, and by the middle of the year on the territory of Ukraine it was planned to deploy at least 4 NATO brigades, and later on its fleet in Crimea.

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THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that any foreign missile, even only medium-range, in Ukraine is a knife in the heart of Russia and any city up to the Urals.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that a “dirty” nuclear bomb from Ukraine would have appeared in the arena of war in just a week of it being waged if it had not happened according to our scenario.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that for 20 years before the Special Military Operation, Westerners and their paid adherents with Russian passports, on a large scale, up to distant pure villages, collected the genetic material of Slavs throughout Russia, using it in Ukraine in 15 biological laboratories to create a poison that kills Slavs and their mestizos.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that their completely prosperous life, which has not changed in any way either externally or internally, is the merit not so much of themselves as of the leadership of the country, which they, basking in prosperity, have been cursing for ten years.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that if it were as bad as they jabber in their incantations against the leadership, then the country would be in the state of the 90s, when only artists (not all), junkies and bankers lived happily ever after, and everyone else in sweat and deprivation got themselves a stale piece of bread for food, there was devastation and banditry in the country, and a civil war was going on in the outskirts.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that behind the outward smile and politeness of a Westerner hides the brutal essence of the enemy, who gladly burned, hung, shot our compatriots as subhuman and destroyed half the country only 80 years ago.

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THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that every century the Western world gathers in a gang for a trip to the East, where over and over again they get the full program in the face, are flattened by Russian weapons and calm down again for a century.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that now the time has come when the Western world has once again gathered into a gang, resembling a band of homosexual morons, and by the hands of Russians, so far called Ukrainians, has begun its next campaign to the East with an obvious result.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that we are eternal antagonists with the Westerners and there will never be eternal peace with them, even if the agreement is recorded on paper and reproduced in all languages.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that there are no frameworks and obstacles for Westerners to violate the agreements concluded and the obligations to be fulfilled.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that we and Westerners are genetically different, despite the outward humanoid resemblance, and therefore irreconcilable.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the main and only goal of the life of all Western elites, in addition to the colonial robbery of planet Earth, for centuries has been and still is the destruction of Slavic civilisation to the last native speaker of the Russian language.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND that in order to repel the current campaign of Westerners, it is necessary to strain all the forces of the country.

And therefore they NAIVELY THINK that they, West lovers, will definitely be spared and cherished if they inside our warring country are against and not for it. If they help the western beast to cope with our offensive and defeat us.

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I will disappoint you – THEY WILL NOT SPARE. Anybody who speaks Russian. Each of us is superfluous for them, they will no longer allow themselves the previous mistakes of leaving us alive. There is only one question – who wins. War is not for life, but for death. If we lose, they will cleanse us to the last.

Simple words, but they will not become clear to them until their own red rooster pecks on the crown of their heads, until the walls of their houses collapse, until only tattered pants, a torn T-shirt and documents (at best) remain from all their property. I wouldn’t want this. But after all, they don’t seem to be fools, they know how to write, count, drive, but are stupid, because they don’t understand simple things.

Igor Ivlev

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