“This Is a Death Sentence”: The Court in Kharkov Upheld the Prison Term for 85-Year-Old “Russian Spy” Mekhti Logunov

I don’t even know what to say. This is the sentence of post-Maiden Ukraine and, by and large, the sentence of a new government that pretends to be democratic and liberal. Very bad at pretending.

Today, I am not afraid to use this word, the criminal Appeal Court in Kharkov behind closed doors left the sentence (12 years imprisonment) for the 85-year-old political prisoner Mekhti Logunov unchanged [read this for more background – ed]. Despite the fact that in the prosecution materials the investigator of the SBU directly wrote that the flash drive with the “state secret” was made by the SBU itself as a part of a provocative operation and handed over to Logunov, and that Logunov did not give it to any agents of the FSB, KGB, and Prosecutor-General’s Office, nobody cares at all. In fact, a life sentence for a fabricated charge, the fabrication of which is known to everyone. But Nazi criminals from Freikorps [Banderists from organisations like “C14“, “National Corpus“, “National Druzhina“, etc – ed] freely pressure the court with their posters and speeches, freely walk around with Nazi symbols prohibited by law, and law enforcement officials do not react to it at all.

Well done judges, who caved in to the Nazi gang, in making a deliberately illegal decision and condemning an evidently innocent man to death in prison.

There is a cassation ahead, which I now have little faith in. Only a prisoner exchange. Ukraine will again exchange its “incorrect” citizens for “correct” ones. “Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes!” or sieg heil? What exactly?

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Pavel Volkov

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