Thousands of Ukrainian Troops Quit the Army Because of Low Salaries

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine stated that in six months 11,000 officers have left the army because of the insufficient level of financial security.

“From January to June 11,000 contracted employees and officers who had military service until the end of this year left, and 18,000 more will leave,” it is said in the letter of the Minister of Defence of the country Stepan Poltorak addressed to the prime minister Vladimir Groisman, reports the “” website.

As was noted, at the beginning of 2016 the minimum size of monetary allowance was 7,000 hryvnia. This sum was equal to about five minimum wages and nearly 1.6 average salaries in the country. The increase since January 1, 2017 of social standards has worsened the financial position of military and has provoked their leave, it is said in the letter.

At the moment the financial security of the military for the first year of service is 7,500 hryvnia, whereas the average salary across the country is 8,700 hryvnia.

In this regard the Ministry of Defence asks to increase the minimum allowance for the military personnel from October 1st: for ordinary staff – 9,000 hryvnia, and for officers – 15,300 hryvnia. For this purpose the government in the 2nd half-year of 2018 will have to allocate an additional 4.5 billion hryvnia, noted the Ministry of Defence.

The department also prepared a decision to increase the monetary allowance of military personnel in 2019. They consider that a contracted serviceman during the first year of service with the rank of “soldier” should receive at least 15,000 hryvnia. At the same time, increasing the salaries of other serviceman will happen in proportion, depending on their military rank, position, length of service, etc.

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