Three Points on Syria – Alexander Rogers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The following text doesn’t pretend to be the analysis of a military expert, but rather it is a look from the side of a historical reconstructor.

So, what do we see lately in the Middle Eastern theatre?

1. The Syrians, with the support of the Iranians and Russian airforce, created a cauldron in Aleppo. In the first stage the main task was to ensure the robustness of the cauldron in order to completely break the delivery of supplies and reinforcements to the sitting-in-the-cauldron terrorists. Then they began to be methodically squeezed out from the city.

Moreover, there was no task to destroy them all in the cauldron, and there still isn’t. Firstly, because there are many civilians in the city, which the terrorists use as human shields. Secondly, because the Syrian army have already lost a lot of soldiers in this war and would prefer that the US-backed militants just left Syria, thereby minimizing losses.

That’s why “humanitarian corridors” were opened, through which terrorists could leave Aleppo towards Iraq. Even with guns, just “get lost”.

A similar picture is observed on Iraq’s side. The announced assault on Mosul had to solve two problems:

a) to help Clinton in the electoral campaign (it did not work);

b) to force the terrorists to go to Syria to support their brothers-in-arms, because the continuation of the attempts to overthrow Assad for “Clintonites” is a higher priority than the destruction of the created-by-them ISIS (it didn’t work either).

I.e. both coalitions unsuccessfully tried to oust the terrorists from the territory under their control, shifting this headache on the shoulders of “partners”. Partial attempts at this continue, as the Syrian army from one side is methodically occupies quarter after quarter (not without difficulty), and on the other corridors for an exit to Iraq remain open. That is, terrorists are squeezed out like toothpaste from a tube, and it can’t be excluded that at some point they will run (or will be completely cleansed).

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Although I like this idea very much to push this headache back to Pindos.

2. In the initial phase of the conflict, terrorists used highly mobile tactics of war – the sudden swoops of the Jihadmobiles and shelling was followed by retreat. It exhausted very much and demoralized both the Syrian and the Iraqi armies (especially in combination with mass suicide bombers).

In fact, this is a development of the traditional tactics of warfare of the nomadic Bedouins, who only replaced horses and camels for “Toyota” pickup trucks. In such tactics the bearded are historically strong.

However, after capturing several cities it turned out that now these cities need to be defended and retained. While during the siege and the defense of fortresses, Arabs are historically, to put it mildly, not very good. As a result, Syrians (not without hints from the Russian side) were able to impose to Barmaleys [Jihadists – ed] viscous positional warfare, with cauldrons and actions in deep defense.

And dismounted cameljockeys, as was expected, were not too fear-inducing. There, when they succeed with sudden counterattack by swoops, they still occasionally have situational success, but in positional warfare they are losing territory, leave strongholds, and incur significant losses.

The imposition on the enemy of unfamiliar and uncomfortable for him tactics of warfare is perhaps our main achievement in this war. Just as the almost decisive turning points in the Second World War was the shackling of Germany’s “cauldron war” with the help of sudden counter-attacks and imposing on them another form of warfare, in which the Germans were not as strong.

3. Well, the epic fail of the Western propaganda machine is also obvious. The Russian airforce, for more than a month, didn’t attack Aleppo, but “hospitals and schools continue to be destroyed”. Not in reality, but in the information of controlled-by-“Clintonian” media.

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Also, the “White Helmets” shot themselves in the foot with a staged video of “victims”, and now they have to justify themselves in a stupid and inept way.

These are three points on which I wish to draw attention to with my amateurish analysis.

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