Three Shocking Signs of the Ukrainian “Aryan Nation”: A Handbook for Members of European Parliament – Part 1

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In European Parliament “a special format of a working group for a discussion about the problem of spreading neo-fascist moods in Ukraine” will be created. The first hearing is scheduled for September 27th. The repressed journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, the lawyer Tatyana Montyan, and also the former Deputy Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin, who is a lawyer in the case of Oles Buzina’s murder on the side of the defence, are invited to it.

Deputies from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and the “leaders of public opinion” who are fed by them already raised hysteria because of this. However Montyan assured that there are no chances of disrupting the meeting. Kuzmin called on “everyone who has something to say to Deputies of the European Parliament” to send him “the relevant information for the preparation of the report”.

So, let’s help our comrades (and this article, at minimum, Renat and Ruslan will for sure read). We will just note that a complete list of the crimes committed by Nazis in the “country of victorious dignity” [Maidan – ed] is so big that it will be impossible to even simply enumerate them within the framework of meetings. For this purpose it will be sufficient to hand over the volumes of the White Book of human rights violations prepared by the Russian Foreign Ministry in Ukraine.

We will focus only on the most indicative cases.

And also we will advise our speakers not to lift the Russophobic “sublayer” at this stage. Firstly, “friends of Ukraine” will argue that supposedly there is a war against “pro-Russian separatists”, and that it is for this reason that anti-Russian moods in society are explainable. Secondly, the European Parliament doesn’t praise the Russian Federation either, that’s why we don’t expect special compassion here.

It also isn’t necessary, probably, to insist on the continuity between modern Ukrainian Nazism and collaborators of World War II. After all, proceeding from the “logic of case law” in relation to members of the EU that are not especially rebuked for marches of “forest brothers” and Latvian “legionaries” of the SS, euro-parliamentarians can close their eyes also to our Banderists. We will lay aside also the war against the memory of liberators of Ukraine and Europe, because monuments to them are desecrated with impunity in the EU too.

So, let’s concentrate on three signs of the “White race” of the beginning of the 21st century, which are still capable of shocking “tolerant” Europe. And namely: on purely Hitler’s symbols, ideology, and racial theory.

And everything began with Euromaidan

More precisely, even at the stage of preparation for it, where future “commandants” and “field commanders” of Maidan organized neo-Nazi festivals, like “Bandershtat” [Banderist State – ed], and other actions with the obligatory chant “Moskals on knives!”. Here, for example, parliamentarian Yury Ilyenko in the presence of the leaders of Maidan and the first post-Maidan Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has a speech with this “philanthropic” call.

[Moskaliey na nozhi! (Moskals on knives!)]

But “Moskals” (i.e., Russians), we will repeat, will be spoken about later.

While on Maidan – during the beating with bats, sapper shovels, and sledge hammers of the peaceful inhabitants of Kiev who came to the community work day – for the first time the senseless, but for this reason no less ruthless “Sieg Heil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler Jugend, SS!” came into the view of the lenses of State TV television cameras.

This motto for the first time was heard during a march under the flags of the parliamentary social-nationalist party “Svoboda”, which was carried out by the first Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine elected by Euromaidan Shvayka.

After which it already wasn’t surprising to observe at Euromaidan an abundance of various swastikas, inscriptions of White Power and 14/88 (the password of neo-Nazis where the number “14” is 14 words of the manifesto on the protection of the “White race”, and “88” is the coded greeting “Heil Hitler!”) on the helmets, shields, bats, and hammers of “peaceful protesters” and walls of the buildings seized by them.

A guard of Euromaidan from among the militants of “Right Sector”, nowadays a political party registered by the Ministry of Justice

As well as the extremely frank “Death to anti-fascists!” performed by activists of same parliamentary “Svoboda” headed by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mikhalchishin. By the way, his “nickname” on the Internet is Nachtigall88, which “purely incidentally” is reminiscent of the name one of the Abwehr’s divisions (which had a direct involvement in the Jewish pogrom in Lvov on June 29th-30th, 1941), and also of the name of the commander-in-chief and Fuhrer of the Nachtigall members (this same “88”).

It’s not a coincidence that the first bill registered in the Rada was a document authored by one of the leaders of the victorious Euromaidan – in which it is proposed to cancel punishment according to Article 436-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for “Public denial or excuse of fascist crimes, propaganda of neo-nazi ideology, production and (or) distribution of material excusing crimes of fascists and their supporters”. The explanatory note to the bill states that the Article that should be cancelled “is aimed at the fight against patriots of Ukraine”.

More than just football

Already nine months later the National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality, quite in the spirit of the specified bill, publicly justified the well-known code of neo-Nazis “14/88”. In the speech devoted to the disqualification of the Lvov stadium for use by Ukrainian fans of nazi symbols, the chairman of the national commission Kostitsky said that according to the conclusion of the Ukrainian scientists from the National Academy of Law Sciences’ Scientific Research Institute for the Study of Crime Problems, “number 88 is equal in music to the number of keys on a standard piano, and for radio operators 88 means ‘love and kisses'”. And only one of a multitude of meanings, stressed the State official, is this coded Heil Hitler greeting! (the letter “H” is the eighth letter in the Latin alphabet) and 88 precepts of David Lane – the creator of the neo-Nazi ideology.

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The chairman of the National commission laments that, despite the conclusions of the Ukrainian scientists, “materials were considered as those that are prohibited” in the methodology supported by FIFA, UEFA, and the European Commission of the international organization FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe). It is possible to understand the bewilderment of the Ukrainian official, who for some reason believed that football fans are much more interested in the number of keys on a piano and the Russian alphabet than the verdict of some football-related organization. And that Ukrainian fans use 88 in combination with the swastika and number 14 (the number of words in the main slogans of Lane about “the purity of the White race”), so this is just “mere chance”, and in general “it’s not relevant”.

This same Lvov stadium

And after all, literally one week prior to the aforementioned hearing from the fanbase of the national team of Ukraine “Glory to Adolf Hitler!” sounded on State TV, which received only admiration from the TV commentators.

And on the same day on the Internet a video “emerged” from a football match featuring the many-time champion of Ukraine [Shakhter Donetsk, which in reality is not affiliated with the DPR in any way – ed], where the fans chant “Sieg Heil – we will build a new paradise”. Certainly, together with euro-revolutionary “Sieg Heil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler Jugend, SS!”.

And finally, FIFA also opened a disciplinary case because of the manifestations of Nazism in the stands during the friendly match Ukraine vs. Serbia (which took place on November 15th, 2016, in Kharkov). “On the 88th minute a group of 100 fans of the national team of Ukraine chanted for no less than a minute “Sieg Heil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler Jugend, SS,” it is said in the report of FARE. “It was accompanied by a characteristic nazi greeting with the right hand”. In other words – a Sieg Heil. The Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) began to prepare urgently a response “with its interpretation of events”. As is possible to guess – with a “musical-radio operator” “interpretation”. Also the head of the FFU stated the intention to demand from FIFA to exclude the red-black flag (the flag of Ukrainian collaborators during World War II) from the list forbidden by the world federation: “We work with our historians to support our arguments”.

Of course, UEFA sanctions (in particular, disqualification of stadiums) couldn’t but stir fans. They … changed tactics. Now on the 88th minute of any match fans start to sing the anthem of Ukraine. With “Ukraine has not yet perished!”, they give a signal to ultras, and all the stadium picks up the lines of the State symbol. The reporter of the presidential “Channel 5″ recognizes that the Football Federation of Ukraine is directly involved in this “creative”. He showed it using the example of one of the away matches of the national team, when “the audience greeted Hitler with the Ukrainian anthem”: “The matter is that only 1000 tickets were allocated for this match. They weren’t put on free sale. These tickets were distributed by precisely by the FFU. And some of them were obtained by hooligans, who on the 88th minute designated their presence … Earlier we ‘thanked’ only nazis and racists from among the fans for fines and disqualifications of stadiums … Now in our ‘thanks’ it will also be possible to remember the FFU, because people work there who help nazis and racists to enter the stands”.

And it’s not worth saying: “well, they are just simply football fans!”. It is precisely the factor of fan communities (under the cover of which neo-Nazi organizations, which unified on Maidan, were cultivated for several years) that played the role of a powerful fist in the victory of the “Euro-revolution”, which the future president Poroshenko especially thanked them for.

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“Anti-extremists” under the SS symbol

But the internal “use” of Hitler’s name doesn’t require any conspiracy. For example, on the main square of Kherson at the 75th anniversary of the declaration in Lvov of the “revival of the Ukrainian State” (marked by those pogroms of 1941) Ukrainian Nazis once again swore fidelity to the Fuhrer and “heroes” of his Nachtigall battalion.

Someone may say: “they are just public activists from the province”. But here is the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Artem Vitko, the commander of the unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Lugansk-1”, who assures that “Adolf Hitler is in each of us!”.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (the purpose of which in reality is to fight against extremism and terror) actually became a shelter for neo-Nazis. After one of the leaders of the aforementioned “‘Right Sector’ Vadim Troyan became the chief of police of the Kiev region (today he is already the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) the authoritative German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine sent an open inquiry to the minister Avakov. In particular, it was specified in the publication that at the time of Trojan ‘Right Sector’ was engaged in the distribution of the book of Hitler ‘Mein Kampf’, and that the most prominent colleagues of the current Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Biletsky (a deputy of parliament and Commander of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ‘Azov’) and Oleg Odnorozhenko (the Deputy Commander of Special Forces ‘Azov’ on educational work) are biological racists … openly spreading the Aryan myth”.

The chief of “biological racists” Trojan receives an award weapon from the president Poroshenko

The Ministry of Internal Affairs didn’t respond to the request of Frankfurter Allgemeine. It the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany who had to take the rap, and to recognize the presence of Nazis in the Armed Forces of Ukraine – admirers of the SS.

“USA Today” also with surprise found Nazis in the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

And soon an even more unpleasant scandal erupted in Poland. The popular publication reported that Poroshenko awarded an order to the fighter of “Right Sector” Vasyanovich. And this happened already after an embarrassment in European Parliament, where, within the framework of the organized Ukrainian photo exhibition “Winners”, the portraits of the aforementioned Vasyanovich with a swastika and the coat of arms of the Third Reich on his body were found.

A little bit later in the euro-allied Poland a new scandal inflamed when the important member of “Azov” (responsible for the recruiting in the regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of “verified personnel”) was noticed doing a Sieg Heil in the concentration camp museum of “Majdanek” in front of a historical poster with Adolf Hitler’s image.

On the personal page of the Nazi recruiter the Poles saw for themselves the demand of “Azov members” for t-shirts with symbols of the SS unit “Death’s Head” (which was responsible for guarding the concentration camps of the Third Reich) and also the prevalence of traditional Nazi greetings in these special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

By the way, on the emblem of this unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine we see not only a specular reflection of the Wolfsangel symbol of the SS “Das Reich” division, but also the so-called “black sun” – the imposing of swastikas symbolizing a source of Aryan spirit.

However, by then for a long time on Ukrainian YouTube pages footage of “Aryan” rituals of “Azov” with a Sieg Heil against the background of the rite of “White Power/White Pride” glorifying the “power” of the white race gained thousands of views.

A group photo of “Azov members” in the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kiev region became a hit of the Ukrainian side of the Internet.

Ordinary police officers, of course, aren’t so radical, but they find the slogans of their colleagues quite lawful for Ukraine.

Traditional for 1930’s Germany and 2010 Ukraine torchlight processions also take place under the protection of the police:

It isn’t surprising that my “critical” attitude towards the Ku Klux Klan in Sumy wasn’t pleasant for the administration of the website operating under the patronage of the adviser to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

And my personal data (up to my home address) in violation of all laws was included in the database created “to help the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU”, and of course, fascists.

And the State Service for Emergency Situations is also coordinated by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is reflected in its personnel structure. Here, for example, the chief of main department of the State Service for Emergency Situations in Odessa region Orest Fok, visiting his native Galicia, drapes his “shirt” over himself, which is more familiar for him. Including, also, his wife, who in the past was also an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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The Ukrainian army also tries not to lag behind the Ministry of Internal Affairs in terms of “genuine Aryanism”. Already the “heroine” from “Aidar” Vita Zaverukha is enough.

She, however, is now being judged for the murder of two police officers. But it isn’t reflected in the “unbreakable” spirit of the Ukrainian army. After all, it’s not for nothing that the ideological services of the Ministry of Defence work off their ration debt. Here is one of the typical products of the “military TV of Ukraine”. The son-SS member addresses through the screen his mother and beloved girlfriend.

On his chest there is not only a double “Sieg” rune – an emblem of the paramilitary forces of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), which originally intended to be the personal bodyguard of the leader of NSDAP A. Hitler (this same SS). We also see the “Odal” rune, which was used not only in the SS. The corresponding lapel badge was worn not only by staff of the department concerning race and settlements.

More evidence of the honoring of SS symbols in power structures was collected by the authors of the response to the appeal of students of Ukraine to students of the Russian Federation (in which the former “insisted that ‘there is no fascism in Ukraine'”).

The nazi ideology among serving troops of “artists” is no less widespread at all. Here, for example, is the material dated for the opening in the “Bereznitsky Project Space” of the “Ukrainian Siegfolk” exhibition. Here is how one of organizers of the exhibition explained the concept “siegfolk”: “This word cemented itself in our countries as a synonym of … genre, professing militarism, occultism, and homo-eroticism. Sacral Europe, white, non-circumsized, and so on. The right topic for us is now on the rise, only the lazy don’t do the Sieg, so there is nothing provocative here, in my opinion. On the contrary, mainstream …”. According to him the exhibition presents collages that play on the images of new Ukrainian heroes and aesthetics of Ukrainian “local folk” of the 21st century. The “Dug-up grave” and “Prayer” (devoted to the leader of one of the collaborationist groups during World War II Stephan Bandera) exhibits were thought of as the “apogee of the exposition”.

“Militarism and homo-eroticism” Ukrainian-style

Reichsführer – flesh from flesh

Of course, the avangardist Ukrainian artists feed themselves on “folk art” (a sufficient number of samples of which is collected HERE). State officials are also inspired by such “folk”. In particular, architectural elements of the building of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers feature images of a Celtic cross (since 2005 – a White Pride movement symbol) and “Wolfsangel” runes (which in Europe are recognized as neo-Nazi symbols).

[Video title: “Nazi symbols under Groisman’s windows”]

And even the Presidential Administration is picketed by heroes of Ilovaisk with patchwork reminders that they have “the same blood” as those to who he hands over award guns.

According to the constitution Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential republic. That’s why it is the cofounder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy who heads parliament.

The speaker of the supreme legislative body of Ukraine Parubiy in the days of the foundation of social-nationalist party


Parubiy also actively wrote articles for the social-nationalist collection “View from the Right”

The head of the biggest faction in the Verkhovna Rada and member of the ruling coalition also isn’t ashamed to give fascist Germany as an example for Ukraine. Here is how he explained the banning from Eurovision-2017 of the disabled singer from the Russian Federation.

Maksym Burbak: “It is in this way that we respect the laws of Ukraine. And after, it is just emotions. I would like to know how you would perceive it if in Nazi Germany someone from the US or England would come for a musical performance?”

And the Minister of Justice who took a place in the quota of this faction during this time prepared a claim for the banning of one of the parties. And the charge is … incitement of inter-ethnic hostility! And you know what is referred to as proof? An excerpt from the following statement of this party: “The neo-Nazi junta launched civil war in Ukraine. The neo-Nazi junta destroys the territorial integrity of the country. The neo-Nazi junta, contrary to the Constitution, laws, and norms of international law, threw at civilians the army and illegal paramilitary forces (these same neo-Nazis)”. Doesn’t it follow from this accusation from the Ministry of Justice that neo-Nazis in Ukraine are considered as the nation? In my opinion, it follows unambiguously. And, apparently, the titular nation.

It isn’t surprising that on November 19th, 2015, Ukraine voted against the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly “Combating Glorification Of Nazism, Neo-Nazism And Other Practices That Contribute To Fueling Contemporary Forms Of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, And Related Intolerance”.

And it is Ukrainian forms of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia that we will also talk about in the next part of our review.

Three Shocking Signs of the Ukrainian “Aryan Nation”: A Handbook for Members of European Parliament – Part 2

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