Three Shocking Signs of the Ukrainian “Aryan Nation”: A Handbook for Members of European Parliament – Part 2

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the first part of our material we explained that it was readied to help the European Parliament working group on the preparation of the planned hearing for September 27th on “the problem of spreading neo-fascist moods in Ukraine”.

Blonde-fringed beasts

The mention of Ukrainian social nationalism is tied to our previous text (part 1) by brown-threads [fascism ed] – starting with the mass chant “Sieg Heil, Rudolf Hess, Hitler jugend, SS!” under banners of the parliamentary social-nationalist party, and finishing with the fact that the supreme legislative body of Ukraine is being led by one of founders of this party.

Already in the 90’s the current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada headed the “Patriot of Ukraine” organization – in fact, the youth and power wing of the Social-National Party of Ukraine, which was later renamed into “Svoboda”. And in 2007, “Patriot of Ukraine”, together with the C14 organization, which today terrorizes the inhabitants of Kiev (“14” as we remember is 14 words of the manifesto on the defence of the “White race”) and other neo-Nazi communities – youth at the time, united into the “Social-National Assembly” (SNA).

Coat of arms of Social-National Assembly

It should be noted that the coat of arms of SNA contains a specular reflection not only of the Wolfsangel division of the SS “Das Reich”, but also the society “Thule”, which “investigated” “the mystical origin of the Aryan race” and gave nations such sons as Dietrich Eckart (to which Hitler devoted “Mein Kampf”), Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, etc.

Wolfsangel and “black sun” is the complete coat of arms of the regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Azov”

On Euromaidan social-nationalists united into “Right Sector”, which in fact ensured the victory of “Eurorevolution”.

The Ukrainian social-nationalists call the vice-president of Provod of OUN Mykolu Stsiborsky their ideological forerunner, in particular his program opus Natsiocracy. In it, in particular, it is affirmed: “Fascism, is, first of all nationalism – love to the Motherland and patriotic feelings brought to self-renunciation and a cult of sacrificial fanaticism. The sources of its birth are national instinct, national spirit, and national consciousness”. As we see, Ukrainian social-nationalism is, indeed, the changing of the addends of German national-socialism, as was noted by Andrey Vadjra – in small-town, rural “interpretation”.

The SNA forms the program of State construction on the basis of the draft constitution from the same Stsiborsky. And it means that the “Ukrainian State” is seen by social-nazis as a “authoritative, totalitarian, professional-class State” guided by the “leader of the nation” (i.e. the Fuhrer, speaking the language of the State language in the imperial district of Vienna, where the “Basic law” was written in 1939).

It should be noted that after the victory of the “Eurorevolution” in the hometown of Stsiborsky – Zhitomir – a memorable sign was established to him. One of the streets was renamed in his honor. He was posthumously recognized as an honourable citizen of Zhitomir.

And “Right Sector”, after the victory of the “Eurorevolution”, went to quell Donbass, which didn’t accept its values, under the flags of “Azov”, the command of which was headed by the “white leader” of “Patriot of Ukraine” Andrey Biletsky (who thanks to Maidan was released from the sentence that he was serving for attempting to murder a journalist).

In 2014, the “white leader”, as the “single candidate from democratic forces” (which the ruling coalition declared itself as such), went to parliamentary elections under slogans of the victorious national-socialism. Here are only some excerpts from the program of the “single candidate from democratic forces”:

“Social-nationalism must abolish democracy and liberalism in Ukraine [once again, this is the candidate from ‘democratic forces’ – ed];

Social-nationalism must create a National Supercommunity in the form of a uniform biological organism consisting of physically, spiritually, and intellectually developed Superpeople [these same Aryans – Übermensch, – ed];

Social-nationalism must build a system of ‘natural hierarchy’ and ‘discipline’, in which the ‘democratic vote of the crowd’ will be replaced with the personal decisions of the ‘best representatives of the nation – born leaders’;

Social-nationalism must form the Ukrainian nation not on the basis of language and culture, but on the basis of blood;

Social-nationalism must cure the Ukrainian National organism by ‘Racial purification of the Nation’;

The historical mission of the Ukrainian nation is the leading of the White Peoples in ‘the last crusade … against the subhumans led by Semites’ [consisting of those same üntermensch – ed];

Social-nationalism must create the Great Ukrainian Aryan Empire”.

And the nation indeed voted for the “democrat”. And how not to vote if it is the head of the presidential party and current State Prosecutor of Ukraine, and also the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the adviser to the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who promoted him.

“We, on the front, trust him with our lives.”

Yury Lutsenko (Prosecutor General of Ukraine): “At the 217th constituency of the capital (Obolon) there is no candidate from the ‘Bloc of Petro Poroshenko’. Our political force did not put forward our representative in view of the fact that there the hero of the anti-terrorist operation – the commander of the volunteer regiment of special purpose ‘Azov’ Andriy Biletsky – is running for election. I personally think that at the most critical moment for Ukraine it is precisely volunteer corps, in particular ‘Azov’, that replaced the State by themselves. Their contribution is immeasurable. I am convinced that the Parliament should include not only professional law-makers who know how to write laws, but also bright representatives of civil activism. It is precisely they who will become the mediators between the new political elite and Ukrainian society. That’s why I personally support the candidacy of Andriy Biletsky. CHOICE OF PATRIOTS.”


Zoryan Shkiryak (Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine): “I withdrew my candidacy in the 217th constituency in favor of my friend, colleague, and brother-in-arms – the battalion commander Andriy Biletsky. Together we walked a difficult path of struggle. ‘Azov’ will always be at the forefront, performing the most difficult tasks, and Biletsky as the commander never left his men. He is a fighter, he is a patriot! We share a common desire to see Ukraine as a united, powerful, European country. And today, when the war continues, there is the threat of revenge of anti-Ukrainian forces. Only strong, courageous, and proven Patriots of Ukraine will be able to defend our Independence and Freedom. I encourage the residents of Obolon to support Andrei Biletsky in the election. I am convinced that he will become a worthy representative of the Ukrainian people in Parliament, and will adequately defend the interests of the State and Kievans. Patriotism is not a declaration. It is real steps and actions for the protection of the Native Land.”

Now the “White Fuhrer” is a People’s Deputy. And not an ordinary parliamentarian, but the Deputy Head of the Committee on National Security and Defense, a member of the group on inter-parliamentary relations with (prepare yourself…) Israel, and also with the US and the States of the EU: Poland (where, as we noted in the previous part, Ukrainian fascists and “Azov” are “especially” loved, in particular – Lithuania.

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Biletsky’s colleague in the “Lithuanian” and “Polish” inter-parliamentary groups and the co-author on the collection Ukrainian Social Nationalism Andrey Illenko is the chairman of the inter-factional deputy association “Svoboda”.

“Svoboda”, as a reminder, is the same social-national party that, in order to be the registered by the “criminal power” of Kuchma, “rebranded” the name and shuffled its own program. Here is the recognition of the party leader and one of the Fuhrers of Euromaidan Oleg Tyagnybok: “There was a first edition of the party program… But when we filed official documents for registration in 1995, we adopted the party program, which should’ve suited the Ministry of Justice. This program was registered, and we officially used the second program, while internally, from the point of view of a global outlook, the first one remained more attractive for us. We base our ideology on the works of Mikhnovsky and Dontsov,” he said, explaining the essence of the more attractive program. And he specified later in one of his program works: “Dontsov doesn’t belong to the past, he, his ideas and works fight also now, it will be like that also in the future, it will always be like that”.

The works of the ideologist of OUN Dontsov “are literally filled with quotes from Mussolini and Hitler, who Dontsov admired,” reminds the known historian on this topic Sergey Lozunko: “He translates ‘The Doctrine of Fascism’ of Mussolini, publishes excerpts from ‘Mein Kampf’ of Hitler, actively publishes brochures devoted to his idols – like ‘Mussolini: man and rank’ (author – M. Ostroverkha) and ‘Adolf Hitler’ (R. Endika). Dontsov perceived the arrival of Nazis to power in Germany enthusiastically: ‘This spirit awakened in Italy, it awakened in Germany, it awakens in France, it awakens in Pridneprovye. The movement, which began in Italy, now goes in Germany, will revitalize the poisoned spiritual atmosphere of Europe by Romain Rolland, Einstein, Henri Barbusse and Maksim Gorky …’. It is necessary to note that Dontsov very much took offense when someone called into question the sameness of his doctrines with Hitler’s ideas, entering into arguments on this topic, proving that between him and Hitler there aren’t any ideological divergences. ‘Dontsov by all his authoritativeness directed Ukrainian nationalism towards a fascist course’ — the Ukrainian historian and the publicist I. Lisyak-Rudnitsky will say about him”.

As for Mikhnovsky – mentioned by the leader of “Svoboda” and “Euromaidan”, the former is the author of a so-called decalogue of a Ukrainian nationalist, where among other things it is said:

“II. All people are your brothers, but Moskals, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, and kikes are the enemies of our people, as long as they dominate over us and collect tributes from us.

III. Ukraine is for Ukrainians! So, chase stranger-oppressors away from everywhere from Ukraine.

IV. … Let neither your wife, nor your children desecrate your home by the language of stranger-oppressors…

X. Don’t marry a woman from among strangers, because your children will be enemies for you…”.

And now, pay attention to the fact that the aforementioned “Svoboda” member Illenko heads the parliamentary subcommittee concerning the condemnation of … the national-socialist regime! Which was obviously created to blur the vision of the European public, because in post-Maidan Ukraine nobody has yet been condemned for national-socialist views. Moreover, our parliamentarian acted as the co-author also in the collection published by his member of the same party and colleague in the party Mikhalchishin (the same one who said “Death to anti-fascists!”), where the coauthors are also … Joseph Goebbels, Ernst Röhm, Alfred Rosenberg.

So why, after this, be surprised by not simply camouflaged “White pride/White power!”, but frank “White man – Great Ukraine!” (in the most international city of Ukraine – Odessa! [see video below – ed]) and promises of the same “happiness” to Europe (according to program point of the People’s Deputy “Historical mission of the Ukrainian nation is the leadership of the White Peoples”).

And here is “One race – One nation!”:

Natural development of the “Final solution …”

In the same collection, along with works of Ukrainian parliamentarians, the German Reichskanzler, and the Reichsleiter, also the opuses of the first Deputy of Bandera on OUN(b) Yaroslav Stetsko were published, who declared his credo as: “I stand on the position of the destruction of kikes and expediency to transfer to Ukraine the German methods of exterminating Jewry”. Mikhalchishin, however, tried to “prove” publicly to me that this quote is a forgery. However, the researcher Miroslav Berdnik kindly provided us a scan of the manuscript of Stetsko.

“Moscow and Jewry are the most big enemies of Ukraine and the carriers of the decomposing international Bolshevik ideas… That’s why I stand on the position of the destruction of kikes and expediency to transfer to Ukraine the German methods of exterminating Jewry.”

As we see, the eradication of “Jewry” in Stetsko’s understanding (in whose honour streets are renamed – by Presidential decree – and monuments are erected in Ukraine) even didn’t provide the assimilation of Jews. It was added with his own hand: “exclude assimilation, and so on”.

With each passing month we, alas, have less chances to break through to such primary sources. All documents concerning the Ukrainian henchmen of Hitler – by Poroshenko’s decree – are being transferred to the Institute of National Memory under the leadership of the prominent falsifier V. Vyatrovich. Known western historians Jared McBride (Columbia University) and Tarik Amar (Princeton university) were compelled even to write an open letter on this subject. “The pseudo-scientific activity of Vyatrovich has one purpose – praising Ukrainian nationalist organizations, which isn’t limited to OUN-UPA,” write the scientists. “For the sake of achieving this purpose he repeatedly manipulated the facts and reduced himself to lies when the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in Holocaust came up … He denied the fact of participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the ethnic cleansing of Volyn Poles, and continued unabated to work on justifying the crimes of OUN-UPA against the peaceful Polish population”.

The authoritative American magazine Foreign Policy also accused Vyatrovich of “withdrawing” materials from archives about the pogroms and ethnic cleansing that were carried out by heroes of Ukraine. Eventually, the Polish Institute of National Memory refused to recognize the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory as its official international partner.

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European Parliament expressed concern about the “growth of nationalist moods in Ukraine” in general. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of the fact of “Svoboda” entering into parliament, many city councils, and regional councils (which coincided with public insults towards the Hollywood actress Mila Kunis already from the nazi parliamentarian’s lips). In their resolution euro-parliamentarians reminded that “racist, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic views contradict the fundamental values and the principles of the EU”, and called “pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to interact, support, or form coalitions with this party”.

But “Svoboda” members, however, are not the only social nazis in the post-Maidan structure of parliament. It is this same SNA “Svoboda” that the prominent Deputy from the “Radical party” and one of the founders of “Azov” Igor Mosiychuk came from. Even such a friend of Ukraine like the prominent German political scientist Andreas Umland was compelled to pay attention to him. Namely – to the extremely offensive anti-Semitic message of Mosiychuk to one of representatives of the “Ukrop” party – led by the Dnepropetrovsk Jews Kolomoisky and Korban.

In whole, the dynamics of anti-Semitic manifestations (including from representatives of the establishment) can be traced to the report Anti-Semitism in Ukraine, 2016 on the site of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. We will just note that a sharp rise of “recorded acts of anti-Semitic vandalism” was noted with the coming to power of forces that are close to it to this very day. I.e., from 2004 to 2010 and since 2014.

Of course, the “recorded acts” would be more if the regime didn’t try to hide them. For example, the Israeli website writes: “The authorities of Kiev didn’t report about an act of vandalism in Babi Yar … How it became known to the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky, that the wreath that was laid on March 7th by the Minister of Justice of Israel to the monument ‘Menorah’ was during the same night burned by unknown persons.” Dolinsky specified“It happened in front of established video cameras and allegedly strengthened control of police”.

The authorities, represented by law enforcement bodies, prefer in general not to record anti-Semitism manifestations at all. Neither in the Kiev subway, where such “Aryan” calendars (2016) are freely distributed …


1. In UKRAINE an uprising takes place, the revolution of dignity, the fight for dignity, not only of Ukrainians, but the dignity of the White Race, the cradle of which is Ukraine. This is a struggle for liberation from Semitic, kike slavery, in which Aryans found themselves after the victory of the kikes in World War II, this is a fight for the preservation of Nations and national States, this is a fight for the preservation of life, because in religious foundations the synagogue is the death of the world.

2. Against the basis of the revolution the Jewified governments of the United States, Europe, Russia, which threw Moscow cannibals at us, which have slowed down the event. That’s why for Ukraine the support of the enslaved peoples of Europe and Russia is important, as well as their anti-Semitic nationalist revolution of dignity. It is necessary to establish the support of the peoples and governments of India, China, Japan, for who Russia, Christianity, and Islam are the enemy.”

… nor on the outposts of “defenders of Ukraine”, as is seen in the following video (17:00 onwards):

It would be strange to believe that only “kikes” with “Moskals” and “Polaks” block the way for the “advance of the [Ukrainian – ed] Nation”. Here there is a “global conspiracy. With Negroids, Mongoloids, and, it isn’t excluded, Australoid-Veddoids. It was revealed already at the time of Maidan. Here is how “peaceful protesters” on Euromaidan were instructing in the Uniate church: “There can’t be another conversation with the enemy besides one with bullets! With the enemy there can’t be another language than the noise of strangleholds … The noise that appeals to each our heart — take the gun in your hand and reject fear! … We want to be convinced that tomorrow neither the Chinese Negro, the Jew, nor the Russian will come to take our house! … So let our hand be hardened by the rifle butt!”

But like how on Maidan the “Chinese Negros” weren’t noticed, they [Maidanists – ed] decided to repulse such ones (even if they are English) from “our house” already after the victory of the “European revolution”. Within the framework of these same European football tournaments.

In November, 2015 the British The Guardian, and the international Associated Press agency reported about the beating of black fans of London’s “Chelsea” in the stands of the main sports arena of Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs were obliged to open criminal proceedings under the article … “hooliganism” (sic!). But none of attackers over the period of a month “were identified” (although on the Internet photos and videos of the attacks are available), and the chief of the Kiev police even stated that he doesn’t see signs of racism in the incident.

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The publication #Bukvy conducted its own investigation on the basis of publicly available information, which cleared up why this case isn’t being properly investigated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It turned out that among the participants of the attacks there was the junior sergeant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the assistant to the People’s Deputy, and also the commander of one of the regiments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Oliynyk at one of actions of “Azov” in a hat with the name of the group of fans of “Dynamo” – Terror Family

The person who was the first to charge towards the black fans and was the first to strike one of them in the back was identified as one of the leaders of “Azov”. It is also he, in the opinion of #Bukvy, who appears in the video of the match between “Dynamo” (Kiev) and “Porto” with a dagger behind his belt (28:30 – 28:40 in the video).

One more participant of the massacre was identified through social networks. Namely the head of the civil corpus “Azov” and the coordinator of the “Azov” regiment concerning the blockade of Crimea.

And “competent bodies” “weren’t” able to identify the fighter of “Azov”, who assaulted the “Chelsea” fans, with such an imperceptible tattoo, like in the photo below with a Celtic cross (a symbol of the White Power movement).

By the way, thanks to this photo from the match “Dnieper” vs. “Napoli” (i.e. even before the incident at the Kiev stadium), the Dnepropetrovsk club received punishment in the form of two home games behind closed doors. While concerning “Dynamo”, the European association took more strict measures: the next two matches in Euro cups behind closed doors, and a conditional ban for the third match (with a trial period for three years), and also a fine of €100,000.

The Director of the main stadium of the country V. Spilnichenko quickly reacted to this, having reflected on … the creation of a separate sector for representatives of the non-white race.

By the way, during these same days, exactly like in Kiev, in Kharkov policemen from the regiment of the “Azov” patrol service also assaulted black students.

And in Ternopol Arab students were equated to representatives of “black blood”  and even primates.

But, of course, Ukrainian social nazis are certainly the most intolerant towards “subhumans” from among fellow citizens. The manifestations of racism here are so big that we will allow ourselves to stop only at those proceeding from representatives of the authorities.

Let’s take, for example, the acting Minister of Culture Nishchuk. It is in his presence – an entertainer of Euromaidan – that calls from the stage sounded to crush “kikes”, and the people’s artist of Ukraine and the People’s Deputy of Ukraine fastened on themselves side curls and imitated a speech impediment, depicting a Jew-oligarch.

And so, this minister, a native from the so-called “Ukrainian Piedmont”, established that in all the South and the East of Ukraine, and even in the center (up to Cherkassy) “there are no genetics”.

And even if there are genetics, then they are rather those of “dogs”, if to be guided by the classification of the predecessor Nishchuk on the “cultural and biological” post (under Deputy Prime Minister Turchynov, by the way) – who is also a native of Galicia.

Poroshenko has a slightly different lexicon in relation to the until recently fellow citizens from Donbass. As the head of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko assures, “the President of Ukraine considers that the ‘cancer tumor’ is subject to blockade: Polovtsians must learn how to be Ukrainians … and the first thing that should be done is to establish an economic blockade of the occupied [by the militia – ed] territories”.

As we see, from the tribune of the supreme legislative body it is declared that the whole people, which for centuries existed in the Great steppe (including Donetsk), are certain subhumans. And the Donetsk steppe is “Lugandon”, and allow the reader to forgive me for using the political lexicon of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko. The definition of the inhabitants of Donbass as “drunk rabble” is also from the BPP faction in the supreme legislative body.

[As was stated on the air of Shuster (and gathered more than 70% support from the audience) the Deputy from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Oleg Barna, in contrast to Galicia, Ukrainian Donbass – exterminated by Holodomor – was populated by drunken Moscow rabble”.]

The military governor of the Lugansk Region G. Moskal appointed by the same Poroshenko, launching on the President’s precepts the water blockade of “sub-Ukrainiansexplained: “There are no people there! … Let them drink urine!”

Under the arches of parliament the statement of the representative of the Yulia Tymoshenko faction also sounded – that “today we have war with that Mongoloid race … which climbs like a locust on Ukraine in order to destroy … our nation”.

The long-time colleague of Tymoshenko, nowadays the head of the National Security and Defense Council Turchynov has another definition of civilized people: it is those who celebrate Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar. Thus, not only Mongoloid Japanese and Kazakhs (in whose States the Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar) belongs to the uncivilised, but also Serbs with Georgians, and also Orthodox Christians of North America and many countries of Catholic and Protestant Europe.

And Turchynov’s member of the same party, the representative of the “best nation” Yatsenyuk, whist being the Prime Minister of Ukraine, used in plain terms a definition from the racial theory of the Third Reich.

The most sad thing is that all “theoretical practices” of people like Goebbles, Rosenberg, Lutsenko, and Poroshenko are put into practice in the zone of the so-called “ATO”. Because, as the Deputy Commander of the National Guard on work with staff declared, law enforcement authorities have the right to behave “normally” towards the nazi ideology: “Members of ‘Azov’ are interested in history, it is normal. It is possible that they have other views of the national-socialist movement in Germany. It is also normal”.

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