Three Teenagers Dead After Ukraine Shelled Vladimirovka in the DPR

NEW – May 14, 2022

Residents of the DPR village of Vladimirovka near Volnovakha are raising funds for the upcoming funeral of three teenagers who died on May 13 as a result of shelling by Ukrainian armed formations from MLRS “Grad”.

“Two dead girls, two sisters – they can be said to be orphans. Their mother left them, their father died – they were raised by their grandmother. The village is now collecting money for the funeral,” said the commandant of Vladimirovka.

When the shelling began, the teenagers were in the courtyard – sitting at a table and playing cards. They were hit by shrapnel from “Grad”. The names of the victims were Vika, Oksana and Aleksandr, they were from 14 to 16 years old. Another resident of the village (she is about 30 years old) was injured and was evacuated to Volnovakha.

May the dead children rest in peace. And eternal damnation to their killers with yellow-blue chevrons.

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