Three Year Anniversary of the UAF Air Strike on Snezhnoye

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On July 15th, near the ruins of a house destroyed in 2014 by an airstrike of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a mourning service in memory of the victims of the aggression of Kiev took place.

Three years ago, at approximately 6:30 in the morning, as a result of a UAF air strike in the center of Snezhnoye multi-room house No. 14 on Lenin Street was destroyed, and the tax building, bakery, and some private houses were damaged. 11 people were dragged out from beneath the rubble, 7 of them managed to be rescued.

“The airstrike was conducted on a peaceful city, as a result of which innocent people were killed and wounded. It is precisely in this way that the Kiev junta, which illegally came to power, showed how it was going to talk to those who didn’t accept the coup. That day forever changed Snezhnoye’s history, and awaken in people the feeling of self-respect,” said the acting head of the administration of Snezhnoye Andrey Darkovsky.

Participants of the meeting observed a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the UAF air strike. A memorial service for the dead was carried out by the prior of St. Nicholas Church archpriest Sergey Zhelyabovsky. In memory of the dead Snezhnoye residents white balloons symbolizing them were released into the sky. The meeting ended with flower-laying before the ruins of house No. 14.

Little Bogdan was also present at the meeting — many remember how rescuers pulled him out from under the rubble of the just collapsed building.

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He also, like all attendees at the meeting, wanted to lay flowers at house No. 14, however he wasn’t able — to this day the injuries he received during the airstrike continue to have an effect.

And now please watch this video report by one of the central Ukrainian TV channels recorded at the place of events. Pay attention to the little flag and the slogan in the corner of the screen (“United Ukraine”). Nearby there were no military targets, so nobody began to bother themselves with attempts to explain the sense of this bombing and to invent stories about the shelling of an air conditioner.

This is direct proof from the side of Ukraine about who really shells Donbass:

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