Three Years Ago Oles Buzina Was Killed…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Renat Kuzmin

Today marks exactly three years since the murder of Oles Buzina and exactly three years since the Ukrainian government cynically demonstrates its unwillingness to punish the culprits.
There are two criminal cases concerning the murder of Oles Buzina: one case in relation to the alleged perpetrators was taken to court, and another against the organisers and orderers of this crime is in the proceedings of the Prosecutor’s Office. Unfortunately, there isn’t any progress in any of them.

The court, as if mocking, appoints one hearing per quarter, and at meetings that have already taken place, only procedural issues were considered. And these meetings last only a couple of hours in total.

The case concerning the organisers and orderers isn’t being investigated in general.

There is no doubt that these cases are deliberately blocked by the current authorities so that the organisers and the orderers of the murder of Oles did not incur the deserved punishment.

This political murder was committed in the interests of the current Ukrainian authorities. According to information received from the Presidential Administration, immediately after the armed coup d’état in Ukraine the “cleansing” of the political field was carried out. “Black lists” of persons who could pose a real danger to the new government were drawn up.

They included everyone who enjoyed authority among the opponents of the new regime, and could organise opposition work and show real resistance to the authorities.

It was decided to exclude these people from political and public life by depriving them of freedom or by physical elimination.

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In the media campaign on their discredition began, the Prosecutor’s Office was engaged in a fabrication of cases, and the murders were entrusted to the special services and criminals operating in the interests of the authorities under the cover of certain nationalist groups. Escaping repression, some were forced to leave their Motherland, some to have an illegal status inside Ukraine, and those who did not believe the warnings about the threatening danger were arrested or killed.

Oles was one of those whom was included in this “black list”. He didn’t leave, he didn’t hide himself. He, as a real journalist and patriot, continued to speak the truth.

And was killed. And this murder is on the conscience of the current Ukrainian authorities and their Western curators, who, according to available information, this “cleaning” was coordinated with, as well as lists of alleged victims.

More than 15,000 criminal cases are being investigated just on charges of threatening national security in Ukraine, detention facilities are overcrowded with opponents of the authorities, and the number of searches authorised by the courts after the victory of Maidan increased fiftyfold.

Intimidation of the population is used by the regime as an instrument of State internal policy.

The whole civilised world should be interested in the investigation into this nightmare, but, it seems, except the relatives of Oles and their lawyers, nobody will fight for the truth.

After all, a qualitative and impartial investigation will inevitably lead the investigation to the leadership of Ukraine, and it means to answer the questions: who organised the armed coup d’état and why, and for what purpose was the current criminal regime brought to power in Ukraine.

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Lawyers of the complainant, within the framework of their procedural powers are trying to force the Ukrainian authorities to carry out a fair investigation into the murder of Oles and to punish the perpetrators.

We hope that the Ukrainian people will nevertheless find out the truth and see the organisers and orderers of the murder of the journalist on the dock.

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