Three Yellow Vests Were Given Suspended Sentences for Shouting “Castaner Is An Assassin”

For chanting “Castaner [is an – ed] assassin”, three Yellow Vests of Besançon were prosecuted – they received a 2-month suspended sentence, while Castaner continues to execute his repressive and criminal policy.

Christophe Castaner, the Interior Minister, inaugurated a police station in Besançon on March 13th. Yellow Vests were present at the time to welcome him and to say to him of what they think about his politics. During the ceremony, three of them marked by their presence by chanting “Castaner [is an – ed] assassin!”, being quite far away, he certainly did not hear them, but they were soon arrested. The Public Prosecutor of Besançon thus decided to condemn them without any other motive: on April 29th Frederick Vuillaume, his wife Mary-Christine, and Kévin Binda were in court.

By this “political trial”, they make it clear that Justice is a part of the government, that it serves its interests directly. The government indeed tries to put an end to mobilisation, to suppress it… And for this purpose it uses physical violence, the armed wing – the police, but is also supported by class justice. By this they want to make an example out of some, however, the Yellow Vests do not lose heart and do not give in: they all answer together, united and combative, demanding the “honour of workers” – it is the expression of a class that opposes the other one defending antagonistic interests.

In this direction the Yellow Vests were more than a hundred to support their friends in the Court, by singing “We are here!” in front of its doors and forcing the entrance to attend deliberation:

Always united and without giving in to threats, claiming what they think is right, they take up the slogan “Castaner [is an – ed] assassin!”:

As usual, the Yellow Vests do not abandon the accused, despite the prosecutor demanding two months of imprisonment, the final judgment will be rendered on May 15th. The defendants say that they will continue to mobilise in the coming weeks “as long as it will be necessary” – new proof of determination!

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Jahan Lutz, Revolution Permanente

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