Tillerson Proposed to Putin to Repeat the Path of Milošević

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The US Secretary of State voiced more pretensions to Russia in connection with the very soft reaction of Moscow towards the Russophobic coup d’etat in Ukraine arranged by Washington…

At the beginning of September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on the Russian-American relations, which are steadily worsening under the Administration of the President of Donald Trump, ascertained that the US Secretary of State is powerless to change something.

“We awarded your compatriot Mr. Tillerson the Order of Friendship, but he seems to have fallen in with the wrong company and to be steering in the other direction. But I hope that the wind of cooperation, friendship and reciprocity will eventually put him on the right path,” said the Russian President, expressing hope, although, of course, he understood very well how insignificant the probability is of this happening. How can it matter that Tillerson in his personal quality is a reasonable and pleasant person to communicate with. However, he is only capable of braking, but not cancelling what the avaricious American oligarchy – greedy for Russia’s natural resources and the brains remaining in it – planned to do to Russia. And, by the way, in cars the brakes are one of the most important things. Without any brakes the car will reach only the nearest wall, tree, or ditch. And it’s still not known whether Tillerson, as well as his extravagant boss Donald Trump – who also tries to slow down the confrontation with Russia, are any more dangerous than some crack-headed “hawks”. These ones [Tillerson and Trump – ed] could quickly bring everything to full absurdity, by forcing Russia to at last emancipate itself from the last fetters that tie it to “Washington’s consensus”, in order to start living with its own mind, and to develop the country not according to schemes of the IMF and Federal Reserve System, but in the interests of its people.

A little bit of background

Tillerson understands this and doesn’t want further confrontation. He knows that the obtuse American oligarchy in February, 2018, will start grabbing the money of the Russian nouveau riches hidden in the West with the hope of turning them against Putin for the purpose of “regime change”. But he also probably understands how illusory these hopes are, and what these actions in reality will lead to. That’s why he and his employees – first of all the special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker – make desperate efforts to not allow a complete severance, hoping to achieve their aim without a frontal conflict, and, thus, having created the illusion for their cowardly “partners” on the other side that everything will be as it should be if they obey. But by doing this they propose to them to do what the former President of Serbia and Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević – who was subsequently silently killed in the Hague prison – did back then. Let’s remember how it was.

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Americans promised to leave Milošević and his country alone if he hands over to the West the Serbian Krajina, which was immediately subjected to Croatian genocide, and also if he stops helping the Bosnian Serbians, who were also fighting to survive. As a result, the country lost also Kosovo, and the “hero” of the Dayton Agreements – overthrown as a result of the liberal-patriotic Maidan in Belgrade, stigmatised from head to toe – went to die in the Hague. Patriots didn’t forgive him, that he caved in and betrayed the “Serbian world” outside Serbia; and liberals, that he dared to resist in general. And Milosevic, who was not the only one who had illusions that it is possible to come to an agreement about something with card-sharpers, drank his bitter bowl to the bottom. Together with him, many other Serbian patriots headed by the General Ratko Mladic and the poet Radovan Karadžić went to the dungeon.

The former Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević tried to serve his country, going on compromises and without clashing with the US, and lost everything, including his own life.

And now the Americans offer this once-worked scenario to… Russia. Just instead of Krajina and Bosnia, it’s Donbass and Crimea, and instead of Milošević, it’s Putin. They offer this because of their poverty of intellect and despair, hoping that Moscow has a short memory, that Russian kleptocrats for the sake of money parked in the west will betray their country, thanks to the existence of which, by the way, their billions and trillions there haven’t yet been expropriated. Although in reality it is inevitable anyway, only “regime change” provides also the Hague for “thieves on the scale of the State”.

What does the US want from Russia in Ukraine?

After all, it is well known: hope dies last. For Tillerson and Volker too. The latter suggested to Russia the other day to move on from Donbass, and the day prior the baton of intimidating Moscow was passed to his State Department chief. Speaking in the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, the US Secretary of State emphasised that relations with Russia “won’t get back to normal until we solve Ukraine”. Translated into human language it means: before coming to the US’ judicial trial, Russia must recognise in practice the Russophobic coup in Kiev carried out by the Americans, “return” to Ukraine – controlled by the US Embassy through Ukrainian oligarchs – all of Donbass and Crimea, and allow the SBU and Ukrainian fascists to carry out genocide against its Russian population. And only after this will we talk.

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Having accused Russia once again of “violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, Tillerson urged Moscow to restore its “sovereignty and territorial integrity”, and in a very original way at that – by implementing the Minsk Agreements, which Moscow, as is known, isn’t a party to, and has no levers of pressure on Kiev to force Ukraine to cease sabotaging them. So that nobody has doubts, the head of the US State Department warned that “Minsk-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia reverses the actions that triggered them”.

The hope expressed by Tillerson that Russia will also “take the necessary steps for the restoration of the full sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” unambiguously points to Crimea. This is an elegant hint that it also should be “returned” … And it indeed means, according to the head of State Department, to induce Russia to make several “steps backwards”.

“Any resolution of the war that does not entail a fully independent, sovereign, and territorially whole Ukraine is unacceptable,” craftily proclaimed Tillerson. Craftily because a “fully independent and sovereign” Ukraine should be understood as completely dependent on the US.

Not only Ukraine: baseness will be everywhere

The US Secretary of State (who next week goes on a trip across Europe, probably to acquaint vassals with the plan of the forthcoming financial war against Russia) touched on relations with Moscow also in a broader aspect. The characteristic of these relations given by him also won’t bring anything good to Russia if it decides to obey. Tillerson called the policy of Moscow one of the main threats in the modern world. He claimed that the attempts of the “prior administration to reset the Russia and US-Europe relationships were elusive”, and that the “invasion” of Georgia in August, 2008, the “annexation” of Crimea in 2014, etc. became the answer of ungrateful Moscow to the policy of “resetting” relations.

In other words, the Secretary of State refused Russia the right to defend its national interests somewhere, having warned that any attempt of such kind will be considered as a manifestation of hostility towards the US, as “aggression”, even when Georgia – under the control of Washington – in the period of the “olympic truce” turns peaceful Tskhinvali into powder and kills Russian peacekeepers in front of the whole world. According to Tillerson, Russia also doesn’t need a strong army, that’s why he subjected the military exercises staged by it to sharp criticism, at the same time urging his European vassals not to stint various actions of a military character “directed towards deterring Russia”.

Tillerson also remembered about Russia in his speech when he broadcasted problems relating to the energy independence of Europe – which, according to him, is allegedly undermined by the Nord Stream-2 pipeline – and relating to cyberthreats… And all of this was said despite the fact that the “World Wide Web” is tied to the US; that it is they who spy and listen in to everyone in the world, including their closest friends; that Russia’s construction plans for a new gas pipeline to Germany would spare all of Europe for decades ahead from any risks of being left without the necessary volumes of gas or with expensive gas, which the American liquefied one is.

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The head of State Department of the US also remembered about Russia when he spoke about Syria, where he tried to attach the US to Russia’s successes in the fight against terrorism sponsored by Washington, and about Afghanistan. He noted that Moscow “has great fear of migration out of the Central Asian regions”, and that’s why Washington could consider the possibilities of interacting with Russians in Afghanistan. What subtle blackmail: if you refuse to become swamped in Afghanistan again, then expect millions of migrants from Central Asia to come to you, and then to fight against them already at your home as much as necessary – and you also will have your own Afghanistan back home!

Well, and he also pronounced an absolutely mysterious phrase in his speech about Russians: “So there are many areas of cooperation with Russia, and they have many others they’d like to work with us on. We just don’t think it’s time to do that”. We will try to decipher it in this way. The Russians would like to cooperate with us in the energy sector, in oil and gas production, especially in difficult cases. However, so far they still have the present authorities. Until we’ve put Russia in our pocket and under our control, and forced it to serve our interests, it won’t happen.

Rage, lies, and threats

So in general: continuous lies and threats, and it is even difficult to say what there is more of. And it is also visible how strongly embittered the US is vis-a-vis Russia if such things are said by the “dove of peace” Tillerson. So strongly embittered that even if Russia wanted to surrender, most likely they wouldn’t take it into captivity. They would immediately put it up against the wall. The Americans usually behave like this with their enemies in the hottest part of the battle. That’s why the only way to bring the US to its senses is to not be afraid, to be strong, to not have any illusions about a possible partnership, to go on our own way, placing a stake on those who are ready for this.

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