Time of Punishers

NEW – September 11, 2022

They are not interested in Ukrainians, only the territory

In Balakleya, a golden time has come for informers and others who sympathise with the Kiev junta. Already in full in some settlements newly occupied by the Kiev regime, “filtration” measures are beginning. Everyone who at least somehow showed loyalty to the military of the Russian Federation is now under incredible pressure from the SBU, the State Bureau of Investigation and, of course, the punishers in the form of the nazi “Kraken” group. These no longer even hide the fact that they are punishers, and are very proud of it. Local residents are grabbed right on the streets. They have already seized an old man who was appointed head of the administration of the village of Stepanovka, and they are already posing against his background. The same applies to doctors, clerks, teachers, and everyone who, according to the Kiev punishers, collaborated with the military of the Russian Federation.

This is how the “liberation” of cities and villages in the Kharkov region looks like now. Ukrainian punishers are not going to stay in the settlements they enter, so they destroy them by shooting from everything that shoots, because they are not interested in Ukrainians, only in the territory. For them, Ukrainians are no longer their own, they show two or three people for a picture, who supposedly greet them as liberators, but they are only shown from very far away so that the faces of the civilians cannot be seen, so that it does not become clear that this is all staged. In the stubborn public networks of Kharkov, euphoria is fully dispersed, and if we talk about victorious rage, then this is just it.

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The Kiev junta threw huge forces into the Kharkov direction, they do not take into account the losses, neither with the losses among their warriors and mercenaries, nor with the losses among civilians.

Kharkov residents are a little confused, they are afraid. They are afraid of these “defenders”, realising that the repression in the city of Kharkov and the region will be even more cruel.

Well, all I can say now is wait, it’s not evening yet! This is a war, and there are different situations in it, not everything in a war is smooth. The special military operation will come to an end, and these desperate attempts by the Kiev authorities to recapture the liberated cities and villages are the regime’s agony, this is the behaviour of a rat driven into a corner.

Adequate Kharkov residents still believe in their liberation, they are only nervous, and want it to happen quickly and painfully react to the circumstances that prevent this from happening as soon as possible. They can be understood, it is not easy for them now…

Aleksandr Kondrusik

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