Time to Pay the Price

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“Ukrainian military servicemen”
should reflect on the fact that an easygoing attitude to the constitution, laws, and military duty can’t end well at all.

I look at this photo and think — how many traitors there are in Ukraine! Yes, yes – I say this in the most literal sense of this word. And how many formal violators of the military oath, in which it is written in black and white that a serviceman is obliged “to adhere rigidly to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine”.

Well, remind me – in which Ukrainian law is a change of power by overthrow of the lawful president and an armed coup recorded? Yes indeed, in none! In laws it is precisely stated – for what term this power is elected and for what reasons it can be deprived of powers. And none of these reasons was observed.

And Yanukovych is still legally the president of Ukraine, which the same Poroshenko recently said – that there is a need for special legal proceedings to deprive Yanukovych of this status. And moreover – it’s not certain that it will be successful.

So in this case, who are all these solid and well-fed generals and colonels serving? This suit and tie, which wormed his way into the Presidency through the crushed Constitution (see above) and against the bloody glow of the Odessa fire?

And it isn’t apparent to these guys in camouflage that they excuse too many things themselves? Including what in general isn’t subject to forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. The fact of war crimes in the form of a betrayal of the military oath of Ukraine is evident. And for this, according to the law, there are not supposed to have a General’s epaulets, but a view of the sky though iron bars.

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Somewhere, deep in the souls of every one of them, something is gnawing away because of it. They are not complete fools after all. But it’s late to reverse. For this they can even be bumped off nowadays. That’s why they continue to be at war and execute the obviously criminal orders, because there is already no place to disappear. If a claw is caught, the bird is lost.

And the main calculation was done exactly for this – to tie all people by high treason and, if possible, by blood so that nobody could ever leave this “submarine”.

The usual tactics of the criminal underworld. But, judging by the number of accomplices, it is quite efficient.

By the way, in the same not-popular-among-current-perjurers Constitution of Ukraine, in Article 17 the following is written in black and white:

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units shall not be used by anyone to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens or with the intent to overthrow the constitutional order, subvert the bodies of power or obstruct their activity…”

It is exactly for this reason that the myth about “Russian military aggression in Donbass” was invented, which was needed at all cost by the usurpers of power to justify the use of the Armed Forces against those who didn’t agree to reconcile with the results of Kiev’s mutiny. In all other cases, besides external aggression, once again – this is a serious war crime. But as the search for these “Russian Armed Forces” in Donbass, even using the UAVs of the OSCE, during a whole three years didn’t give results, the medical fact that proceeds from this sounds as follows — the military personnel of Ukraine in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation zone” (even this anti-terrorist name completely disproves Russian aggression as such) are all participants in war crimes against their own people and are subject, according to the law, to severe punishment.

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And I look at the faces of these “Ukrainian military personnel”. Seemingly normal men, sane-minded, some even are quite pleasant. And I wonder – where is this decay hidden inside them, under the influence of which they agreed to overstep the laws of their own country and be a servant for absolutely obvious bandits and crooks, who are not at all lawful leaders.

Время платить по счетамВремя платить по счетамВремя платить по счетам

Alas, at all times the logic of such behavior was approximately identical – “I am a soldier. I should execute orders, And politics doesn’t interest me”.

It is precisely in this way that the military personnel of the Third Reich, who took part in all without exception absolutely lawless military adventures that were started by their administration, thought. And were even proud of it. It seemed to them so joyful and beautiful – to submit any non-surrendering people. And laws, international law, other nonsense — to hell with them! Why are they necessary when you have a gun in your hands, and are so young, beautiful and successful, and go from victory to victory.

And only one obstacle — ultimately the rest of mankind didn’t heed all of this morally-corrupted and legally unconvincing philosophy of Hitler’s soldiers, And the rest of mankind hit them within an inch of their lives. And all of them received what they gave – their activities applied to the articles of the criminal code. So those who hung others — were hung, those who shot others – were shot, and so on. And here is what is characteristic – all this bleating on duty that “I am just a soldier and simply executed orders” didn’t impressed anybody. Because there is a need to think with your own head, instead of entrusting this business to the Fuhrer.

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«Икона» германской армии – штандартенфюрер Иоахим Пайпер – в свои лучшие времена, когда за него думал фюрер

Hitler’s officers on the bench of the accused in American captivity, when the time came to think with their own heads.

So, guys from the so-called “Ukrainian army”! You really have a lot to contemplate. And even to sweat from these thoughts, because all’s well that ends well. But with such a corrupt relation to the constitution, laws, and military duty can’t finish well at all. In this life it is necessary to pay for everything. And high treason is no exception!

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