Torchlight Procession in Honor of Bandera Held in the Center of Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson



About 1,000 people gathered for a torchlight procession in the center of Kiev, devoted to the 108th anniversary since the birth of Stepan Bandera, the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists cooperating with the Nazis in the days of the Great Patriotic War.

Participants of the march unfurled the black-red flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, symbolics of the Svoboda party and its youth wing “Sokol”, and also portraits of Bandera and the leader of UPA Roman Shukhevich.

Among the participants of the march were veterans of UPA, and also the so-called anti-terrorist operation ongoing in Donbass. Some brought children along with them. One nationalist presented by Ukrainian TV hosts as a refugee from Russia, in an interview declared that “soon desovietization will begin in the Russian Federation”.

Nationalists during the march chanted insults to the president of Russia, “Ukraine – above all”, “Glory to the nation – death to enemies”, “Avakov – the dog, we will hang you on the branches!”, etc…

The procession of Banderists was protected by about 700 police officers, who didn’t react to the chants of the nationalists towards the Interior Minister in any way.

The march came to its end with a meeting on Maidan.

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